Tuesday, June 24, 2014

tuesday thoughts...

Fitbit Flex... i've been wanting a fitbit flex for awhile and finally got one last week.  i am loving it so far!  i love the sleep tracker- i'm learning tons about when i sleep the best (it shouldn't have been a huge shocker that going to bed after 2am hardly counts as a full nights sleep).  its built in step counter has made me way more motivated to keep active and the goal setting is helping me feel accomplished when i reach my milestones (water tracker, calorie counter, etc.).  The girls ask me for updates and cheer me on.  I'm seriously loving it!  Ps- the bracelet is pretty discreet, I've hardly noticed wearing it at all.

Fuchsia Nina Chair... We are (not so) patiently awaiting our sofa to arrive (back ordered furniture is the worst!) to finish up our family room.  I found these fuchsia chairs at World Market and I'm on the fence- I love how bright and fun they are, but am worried about how long we'll love the hot pink accent.  I keep telling myself we can transition them to the girls room eventually (because I know they will always be fans of pink) but haven't quite taken the plunge and ordered them.  And I'm thinking that these pillows would look great on them!

Andrew Lang's Fairy Book Collection... I stumbled across this amazing collection of fairy books while browsing online.  I have since scoured the internet trying to find all 12 hardcover editions.  They were published between 1889 and 1910, each book has its own color.  Some are way more expensive than others, but I'm thinking they'd be a great growing collection for the girls to share.  Purchasing a couple each year until we have the whole set.  The Blue Fairy Book will be our first!

Anthropologie Red Tag Sale... The Red Tag Sale comes around only a couple times a year...and I'm in love with a lot of it.  There are some great dresses, swimsuits and house items I have my eye on!

Blender Debate... Matthew got a recipe for a date (the fruit) shake from his sister that literally tastes like a peanut butter shake but is filled with all natural ingredients (I'm pretty sure it's all natural, my cooking/ingredient lingo is not always accurate:) like natural peanut butter, coconut milk, dates and a few other items.  The girls love it, along with other healthy smoothies that allow us to sneak in vegetables without the girls knowing (Maddie tells us she is allergic to lettuce.  And anything else healthy).  It has been brought to my attention (Matthew really wants to make sure I'm hearing) that our 6 year old blender is not allowing him to create culinary masterpieces.  Our friends are pretty split between the Bledtec and the Vitamix (they're all on sale at Williams Sonoma right now!).  Any input?  And which model?  We've heard great things about both!


  1. Hands down the vitamix! We use ours atleast twice a day!! Best purchase ever!

  2. LOVE those Anthro pillows. The zebra is a must! As for blenders, we are allll about the nutribullet. Quick, easy, and affordable. It's a win/win!

  3. Costco has a ninja blender on promo right now. Love the hot pink chair!

  4. I have a simple $100 Ninja and I love it. I can even do hot soup in it.