Monday, June 23, 2014

And we're back...

My unplanned break from blogging has been busy!  We've been soaking up every single bit of summer and loving it all.  The pool, park days with friends, late dinners, family time and as much sun as possible has kept me distracted, but I've missed so many aspects of keeping a blog.  Last week I attended Alt Summit and learned a ton, in-between laughing and hanging out with girlfriends.  I've re-evaluated a lot and feel like I'm finding a good balance in our life, and finding a space for me to write and create and all of that.  I'm excited to see where it takes us!

I have a few pictures from Father's Day weekend- we spent Saturday at the Hogle Zoo with the firm Matthew has been interning with.  The girls were introduced to face painting (it was a huge hit) and we saw every single animal in the zoo.  The alligators will always be the favorite!

A couple weeks ago Matthew hurt his back (again- he has a previous basketball injury) pretty bad.  He's been in and out of the doctor's, getting tests and re-examining what they can do to fix it.  He's been in quite a bit of pain and hobbling around, we're anxious to figure everything out!

|| They were worried the alligators were going to follow us home.  We kept it going for awhile to see them do this! ||

|| This girl is giving us a run for our money right now.  ||

|| And Gracie is still as sassy as ever! ||

|| It wouldn't be Father's Day without a meltdown or two:) ||


  1. So happy your back! Love keeping up with your sweet little blog!

  2. Love how the girls match but not totally! We are having our second boy and have a girl in between but matching boys just isn't the same.

  3. Where is your cute, bright top from?