Monday, May 26, 2014

memorial day...

happy memorial day!  i love having a holiday where we can celebrate the men and women who have served our country.  it seems like politics are getting more and more heated, it's nice to have a day where we can put differences aside and remember those who sacrificed for our freedom.  it's getting us so excited for our month in washington dc, i can't wait to explore with the girls!

we'll be spending the day, fingers crossed, hiking Y mountain in provo.  we've been hit with a summer cold (according to the girl's school teachers it has been spreading like crazy), so barring any all night coughing, we'll be heading up after the annual pinegar memorial day breakfast.

it seemed like last week got away from me, and i never caught up!  i have some great posts coming up, it's just been tough to get it all together.  i've been relishing in our first week of summer- it's kind of our first "real" summer ever!  matthew is usually already working out of state and the girls and i are finishing up school, visiting grammie + poppa in california and then heading out to a new location.  for the first time, matthew has had friday evenings off as well as all day saturday- we're not quite sure what to do with ourselves!!  we've been making up for his busy school schedule this last semester and spending a lot of time together.  after a long weekend home, matthew has discovered exactly how much the girls talk.  they've set a record and have been non-stop talking for the entire weekend.  most of the time they're chatting away with each other, both talking at the same time.  they stop randomly to make sure we're listening, or to remind us that they're still waiting for an answer.  tonight while driving home from visiting family, gracie started in with an animal discussion.  she wanted each member to pick any animal in the world that they would want to be- "it can be an ocean animal, a desert animal, farm animal, an animal that likes to play in the dirt, anything!"  before we can pick an animal, she's assigning them out.  maddie was a kitty, she was a pink bird, i was a leopard, and matthew was a queen bee (the best pick of all if you ask me!).  5 minutes into the game she relented and let everyone pick their own.  i picked a killer whale because they like to stick with their family, matthew picked a wolf, maddie picked a leprechaun (she was not interested in our reasoning for why a leprechaun didn't count as an animal), gracie was still a pink bird.  they chattered on about animals until gracie loudly declared from the back seat that it was time for us to all talk as the animals we picked, except matthew had to go back to being a bee.  everything had to be said in our animal voice.  it was a long hour as we got them ready for bed- "mom, you have to tell us to get in our jammies like a whale would!" and so on.

matthew and i got into bed shortly after the girls did.  we could hear them talking, and finally, after a day filled with noise, they talked themselves to sleep.  we joked that our ears were ringing, and that the silence was almost startling.  i do miss their little tidbits of wisdom, but tomorrow morning will come quick, and they'll be back at it all day!

here are a couple pictures from the girls preschool graduation!  maddie finished up her first year, with two more years to go before kindergarten.  gracie wrapped up her last year before kindergarten- she has told literally every single person she has seen that after the summer she's going to kindergarten and she will be 5.  i'm grateful for those random strangers who celebrate this milestone with her and offer congratulations.  it didn't really hit me until this weekend that she's finished with preschool, and i'm split between being so excited for her to experience kindergarten (i vividly remember parts of kindergarten, i can't believe she's old enough to be doing things she'll remember forever!) but also sad that she's even old enough to be going.  she keeps reminding me that she'll still be my baby, even when she's big and 5.  although she did tell us today that she doesn't want us to cry, but someday she won't live in our house, but she'll come visit us every single day.

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