Wednesday, May 21, 2014

castaway cay...

today i'm sharing our last, and maybe, most favorite stop from our cruise.  we went to disney's island, castaway cay in the bahamas.  it was one of the most beautiful beaches i've ever been to!  the sand was white and so soft and the water was warm and crystal clear.

we spent the day just playing in the sand and the water.  the sand was full of tiny, white, perfect seashells that are in a jar in the girls room.  we were all feeling a little sentimental with it being the last day of our trip, so we rehashed favorite memories and moments and were sad to see it all come to an end.  the stop was so easy, making it a relaxing day- they had intertubes and rafts to use, towel drops, and lunch.  plus, they had soft serve ice cream machines, which was pretty great!

we loved the number t-shirts from chasing fireflies, it was fun to see all the kids lined up!  and the little boys in their dude speedos were the hit of the beach!

i've received quite a few questions about our trip, i'll be posting some of the details, what we learned, what we packed, and wished we would have packed on friday...tomorrow i have some of our dinner outfits to share.

my urban outfitters swim top + bottom, hat
girls swimsuit

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