Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a spring dance recital...

we are back!  it's been quite the few days- of the 19 traveling home from the cruise in florida, the majority of us were hit hard with either a violent flu bug or food poisoning.  it was a rough couple days, but luckily we were feeling back to normal for the girls dance recital!  they have been working hard the last few months to get their dances down…and to finally get to wear their costumes!

maddie danced to teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini- i'm not sure i've ever seen anything cuter!  we were a little worried about how she'd do on the stage.  we thought she may get shy, or forget the dance, or something in-between.  we held our breath as she walked out and found her place, her back to the audience.  the lights came on, the crowd cheered and maddie peeked over her shoulder and gave a big smile.  she spent the next minute and a half shaking her bum and getting stuck between remembering all her steps and wanting to just ham it up for the audience.  she managed to find a perfect happy medium and left us crying from laughing so hard.

our gracie girl was bursting with excitement to get on stage- she remembered how much she loved it at her christmas concert and was ready for a repeat performance.  she was moved up to the older jazz class with girls between 5 and 7.  she's a solid year younger and after being out of town and missing a couple weeks of class and then battling the flu followed by a double ear infection, we were worried if she'd remember the dance or be up for performing.  she fought through it and came alive on stage, we were so proud!  it's been a different few months for her as she's worked hard to keep up with the older girls in her class.  i've watched her on occasion leave class seeming a little defeated.  she's similar to matthew - she wants to be the best and she wants to make us proud.  we've spent a lot of time encouraging her and working to build her confidence, we've been amazed at the difference it has made.  it was such a rewarding moment as a parent to see her hard work pay off!

we took the girls out for frozen yogurt after their performances.  maddie asked us every 35 seconds if we watched her while she was up on the stage and gracie discussed all her plans for her next recital, along with all the places she'll be wearing her costume.

it was also matthew's first day of his salt lake city internship.  he rushed right from work to the recital, and filled me in on his day.  i can't wait to see his office!

i'll be posting more about our vacation- just as soon as i sort through all our pictures!

dress: madewell (almost sold out, similar here)
shoes: sam edelman

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