Sunday, April 6, 2014

sunday scooting...

i love sunday nights.  the girls and matthew are sound asleep and i'm prepping for the week ahead.  our week is shaping up to be crazy for both matthew and i.  the girls are also on spring break, leaving us with 5 days wide open for activities and fun.  i'd usually be a little stressed and overwhelmed.  however, we spent the two days watching general conference.  i even stayed in bed on sunday until almost noon!  the talks shared by men and women in auxiliary callings in our church covered a wide subject range, there was something for everyone.  i feel more focused and centered tonight, it's amazing what hours of positivity and uplifting encouragement will do to a family!  we all know that the world can be a tough place, and it's so easy to let all the little things detract from what really matters, but tonight, i feel more capable, more humbled, and way, way more blessed.  i can't wait to share some of my favorite quotes tomorrow in my tuesday thought post!

after the last session yesterday, we were all ready to escape the house.  we noticed looming rain clouds and decided we'd take our chances and walked to an empty parking lot where lucy and the girls had room to scoot and run.  it's the girls idea of a perfect evening.  the girls chased lucy and lucy chased them.  it was simple and relaxing and the best way to wrap up a good weekend.  

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