Tuesday, April 15, 2014

maddie mae turns 3!

our sweet maddie girl,

how in the world are you already 3?!  it seems like today creeped up on us, and to be honest, i'm not quite ready for you to be a big 3 year old.  you're officially not a baby!  i'm still getting used to that, but i am so excited for all the amazing things in store for you this year!

it's been a big year for you!  from exploring nashville, to starting preschool, your first dance class, a california christmas, making friends to learning as many new songs as possible, you've been a busy girl!  we've loved the nights you've snuck downstairs after bedtime for some extra time with mom and dad.  listening to you chatter about your friends at school and sing your favorite songs is so cute we can't send you back to bed.  i think you know that too, and you do anything you can to stay up just a little later.  i can't count how many times throughout the day i see you look at me with your big smile, and no matter what i'm doing, or how i'm feeling, that smile kind of makes everything right in our world.  and guess what, your dad cannot get upset with you.  it doesn't matter what you do, he starts laughing as soon as you start talking and all is quickly, very quickly forgiven.

those who know you, maddie, cannot help but love and adore you.  you have a special way with people, and i think you always will.  whether it's the way your eyes light up, or the way you love to tease, or that big smile, it seems like people just want to squeeze you.  i hope you always know the effect you can have on people, you have the possibility to bring a lot of positivity to peoples lives, and that will be such a blessing for you.  i've received notes home from school almost weekly from your different teachers telling me how much they enjoy you.  i am so proud of what a sweet girl you are (even if you only like vidia, the mean fairy:)!

gracie has been your constant companion the last year.  you have become more than just sisters, but also best friends.  you're first words in the morning are always, "where's gracie?!" and your last moments before going to sleep are spent giggling and talking with her (while mom and dad yell for you two to go to sleep!) about your day.  i hope it will be that way for a long, long time.  i'm so grateful that gracie will have you right by her side, i think you'll be a great support for her, as well as the world's best giggle partner.  we will always encourage your relationship with each other and feel so lucky to be a part of it.

you have been our "easy peasy" girl, happy to go with the flow and up for whatever we throw at you.  every night as daddy and i are climbing into bed we talk about you and gracie.  we love talking about you.  almost daily daddy talks about how much joy you've brought to our lives.  i couldn't agree more!  the spirit you bring into our home is unlike anything else.  it leaves us feeling so blessed to have you!  

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