Thursday, April 17, 2014

a day in a sonnet james dress...

i was so excited when i was asked to share a little bit about our day with the new dress company sonnet james.  i teamed up with three of my favorite girls, shelby, ginger and erica to showcase different dresses and different activities.

i tried to think of something great to share, some unique, fun activity, but the more i thought about it, the more i wanted to share a bit of our simple life.  it's a little less glamorous, but it's my favorite part of the day, and the part of my life i'll want to remember twenty years down the road.

the bulk of our family time together each day happens in the kitchen.  actually, come to think of it lately, it's the only place we're all at together.  it's not the most beautiful room in our house, (right now, it's the least decorated after finishing construction and painting!) but it's our home, and it's the place we gather as a family.  as 4pm rolls around we start gathering in the kitchen.  in comes piles of stuffed animals and the basket filled with treasures from the day.  shoes are kicked off, hair bows are thrown on the counter and real life settles in.  the girls are getting hungry, matthew's at school studying and i'm seeing the finish line of our day.  the girls usually do some sort of "homework" or art project at our kitchen table while i throw something together for dinner.  we usually keep an eye on the window waiting for matthew to get home.

dinner isn't always the most fanciest, in fact twice this week already it's been breakfast for dinner.  it's one of my favorite meals to cook, and one that i know the girls will eat.  as soon as summer rolls around our fridge is packed with berries.  we go through a flat of strawberries faster than is probably healthy.  in fact, yesterday i found a pile of strawberry tops hidden in maddie's school bag.  a big thing for me with cooking is finding meals that are simple to make (i am by no means a great cook) and that the girls can help out with.  a berry salad sprinkled with white chocolate chips and shelled pistachios makes for a perfect dessert to any meal.  the girls love mixing up their own bowl, adding in the perfect ratio of berries to chocolate chips- maddie almost always has to get cut off from them.

the girls most favorite chore to do are the dishes.  and while it's more of a mess, i love seeing them work together at the sink, passing dishes back and forth and sharing towels.  before long they're both completely soaked, along with the front of my cabinets.  they soap them up, rinse them off, dry them and lay them out on the counter to be put away.  as soon as they're in bed the dishes are usually put in the dishwasher:)  i want to always be able to find ways for everyone to get involved in the kitchen, whether it's chores, or cooking or just hanging out, i love that it can be a gathering place.

so much has happened in our little kitchen.  we've lived here since we were married, almost six years.  matthew has poured himself at least 4,000 bowls of cereal (literally.  he eats at least two bowls, usually a healthy 4, a day!) and leaned against the counter while he ate it.  it's where i nervously gave gracie her first bath, with my mom and matthew helping.  we've gathered friends and family in the kitchen for parties and dinners.  first bites of food we're given on the counters.  it's where i scorched a pot of rice so bad as a newlywed that we set off our entire row of town homes smoke detectors.  we sat in the kitchen and made plans for our life after matthew was injured and couldn't play basketball anymore.  we've had the bulk of our arguments in that kitchen, followed by apologies and commitments to be more thoughtful.  i love the time that matthew and i spend together in the kitchen.  it's often late at night while he's having his last bowl of cereal.  we stay up too late talking or joking or lamenting about our day.  and even though it's the typical day to day conversation of a married couple with kids, there are usually a few minutes where we can joke and laugh and feel like there is still a bit of flirting and romance:)  it's where gracie hangs her most prized pieces of artwork on the fridge.  she leaves notes up on the fridge for us, it's a constant reminder of their sweet little spirits and that these are days that will quickly pass.  it's rarely ever all the way cleaned, and it's a known fact that those floors stay spotless for mere minutes after being mopped, but it's something i've grown to be comfortable with.  we've had moments to celebrate and moments of heartbreak, and when you add up all these moments, our kitchen has seen every highlight of our married life.  it's easily the most joyful place in my life.

lindsey orton came over to capture it for us.  and i'll say that she made it look much more glamorous that it seems:)  and in honor of being totally genuine, i'll tell you that i did fix my hair and make up before she came over.  and i picked up my counters.  it's not usually that clean or put together, but for the sake of pictures, you know:)

and now, a little bit about the dress!  i'm wearing the marni dress in gray, you can find it here.  i wanted to wear the dress all day long to see how i liked it.  i wore it to school drop off and rushed back home to tackle my to do list while everyone was out of the house.  i folded laundry, sent a few emails, picked up the toy room and did the dishes.  i made it back for school pick up and then took the girls for a few errands.  two grocery store trips (who remembers everything the first time?!), visiting with neighbors, chasing lucy as she chased the girls on their scooters and back home to tidy up.  i gave the girls baths, got them ready for bed and even laid down with them for story time (and nearly fell asleep!) all in the dress.  i was so impressed with the quality of the fabric, especially that it didn't stretch out.  it was so comfortable all day, with getting in and out of the car, up and down the stairs and playing on the floor with the girls.  for this particular style, i like something around my waist- either a belt, sweater, or even a jacket over it.  i even made sure to wash it to see how the fabric held up- it didn't ball up and still looks great!  i'm a huge fan of the dress, especially how versatile it is.  thanks so much to sonnet james!


  1. Where are your kitchen chairs from??

  2. how sweet it this post lindsey?
    you are such a good mama and i'm so lucky our paths have crossed.
    these pictures are so beautiful and you will be so lucky to have them years down the road.