Thursday, March 13, 2014

we are finally seeing the beginning of the end to our cold.  for some reason it has knocked matthew and i out for the last few days.  we've both been climbing into bed as soon as the girls are asleep, but even the extra sleep hasn't kicked the cold.  i finally took some nighttime cold medicine last night in the midst of finishing up my post and woke up at 2 this morning with my laptop next to me in bed.  

i was shocked when matthew walked in the door during lunch yesterday.  his class schedule is less flexible this semester, leaving him at school all day.  we love whenever he can come home and study, especially the girls.  after getting up and showering i was feeling way better (it's amazing what a hot shower does when you're not feeling great!) and decided we'd head out for a little family time in the middle of the week.  gracie has been wanting to show matthew a little pond we found next to a walking trail for the last couple weeks.  the weather was perfect for throwing rocks and collecting sticks.  it went well until maddie realized it made her nervous for everyone to be so close to the water.    we took a little walk and spent as much time in the sun as possible!

gracie's old navy vest | gap denim | old navy sandals | brickyard buffalo hat 
maddie's chambray top | denim jacket | gap pants | old navy sandals | brickyard buffalo hat
my top | denim (similar here) | madewell flats (similar here)

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