Tuesday, March 25, 2014

tuesday thoughts...

we spent all afternoon at the park today with friends.  the girls played and i sat and chatted, it couldn't have been better.  anytime it's over 48 degrees you can count on us to be outside, even if we're shivering.  we got the girls these y-revolution scooters for christmas on a whim.  we weren't sure how well maddie would be able to ride it and if gracie would rather have a bike.  we decided to go for it and they've been a hit!  the girls spend hours zipping around our neighborhood with lucy and i running to keep up with them.  i've seriously considered getting one myself!

i took an online photography 101 class from nicole's classes.  i was so impressed with it and loved seeing my photography skills improve.  i recently took a photoshop class and it has completely changed the way i import and edit photos, as well as taught me a little bit about graphic design.  i've been putting my newfound skills to use non-stop.  tonight i helped a sister-in-law with a baptism invitation, last month i helped with my grandma's 90th birthday as well as several things for primary at church.  i'm loving it! (next up on my list is photo 102...and then maybe typography...and for sure pretty paper products!)

we're leaving on our cruise in a month.  i have absolutely nothing ready for it, aside from receiving all our passports in the mail.  i've been browsing online at swimsuits and beach worthy outfits.  if only pinning them made them show up in my closet!  (take a peek at my pins here)

speaking of the beach, i've been browsing sandals quite a bit.  sam edelman is always my go to brand for sandals.  the quality is great and they're comfortable enough for all day wear.  this pair caught my eye, i'm thinking they'd be great with denim shorts and dresses, both short and long.  i just picked up these $12 sandals for the girls at old navy.  they wore them out on our scooter ride on sunday and i was impressed with how well they've held up!  plus, no blisters!  (you can also check out these awesome scented jelly sandals.  gracie spotted the pink and purple pairs from across the store and there was no way she was leaving without them!)

the easter bunny brings a book each year.  if you've read our blog in the past, you know we're big book people, especially children's books.  i've been checking out books at target, but my most favorite place to browse is peek kids.  they're always featuring new authors, and all their books have amazing illustrations (like want to rip the books apart and frame them illustrations).  i'm thinking a trip to peek is in my (or the easter bunny's) future!

piggy bunny- this one might be the perfect book for our maddie.  she told me today in the car that this week she will be a mermaid.  next week a fairy.  and the week after that?  a guardian of animals...which happens to be her new go to thing to be, but i still haven't figured out what it even is! piggy bunny, by rachel vail, is all about a pig who wants to grow up and be a bunny.  i love letting the girls explore what they want to be (whether serious or silly) and figure this is the best time for them to use their imaginations!

as for gracie, i'm on the fence about this one.  pierre in love, by sara pennypacker, has darling illustrations and a sweet love story.  my only hangup?  we're a little hesitant on the overly romantic stories.  i feel like she gets the love bug enough from princess movies- and while we're fine with romance in moderate doses, we don't like to dwell on it too much.  matthew would be fine with her holding off from all things romance until she's 23, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for junior high!

i am loving all of oh joy's line for target.  i'm stocking up on it in hopes of it fitting a party theme sometime in the new future!  i love the garlands and wall accents and only wish they were in the colors of maddie's upcoming party!

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