Monday, March 10, 2014

sick day...

saturday was a day for playing outside.  our girls were running with the neighborhood gang all day.  scooting, running and rocket launching kept them busy all day.  sunday morning came, and as matthew put it, we all felt like we'd been hit by a truck- a little spring cold wiped us out.  we kept the girls home from church while matthew and i took turns going.  the girls found a new show, wally kazam, that kept us all entertained.  we may have watched one episode twice, just to see the girls belly laugh at bobgoblin.  our dinner consisted of all of us talking in 3rd person (but really, you have to watch the show, if anything just for bobgoblin) and then 3 or the 4 of us melted down.  i'm partially admitting i was one of the 3, matthew would fully admit that.  we all got in our bed by 7, despite daylight savings making it feel earlier.  the humidifier is on, tylenol was passed out and 3 or the 4 of us are snoring.  i'm praying it's not sinus infections and just a little cold that passes through quickly, but there is something kind of nice about getting through the sickness altogether, at the same time, instead of dragging it on for a couple weeks.

so in honor of our early bedtimes, and the lack of picture taking over the weekend, i scanned through my camera roll on my phone and found a plethora of sleeping pics.  there is something so sweet about seeing our girls cuddled up in bed.  and whether it's them preferring to sleep together, or the fact that sometimes they're wild animals and seeing them hold still is kind of nice, they're always my favorite pictures.

maddie's very, very best, "please can i stay up a little longer" face.  it almost always works!

most nights are spent cuddled up like this.  occasionally we hear a "moo, scoot over, you're too close!"

in one of my favorite memories- the girls animals were terribly sick and throwing up one night, so naturally they had to sleep in our bed.  

not a sleeping picture, but it is so perfectly gracie.  she insists on trying out every single dog bed at the pet store every single time we go.  she rolls over, gets on all 4's, stretches out and then deems them all not right for lucy.  i'm not sure what she's looking for, but she demands the very best for her  puppy!

snuggled up with lucy and rosie

lucy invading their personal space

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  1. Wallykazam is one the the very best new shows. I had my girls watch the episodes a couple times just so I could hear them belly laugh as well. It is seriously so funny.