Friday, March 21, 2014

poor lucy...

i'm getting a later than usual start to blogging tonight.  matthew and i spent our night writing individual biographies for the family website matthew's grandparents are putting together.  we sat reading back and forth as we wrote the highlights of our lives.  before long the writing took a backseat to "remember when" and "did i ever tell you that when i was little i...".  as i re-read mine before sending it off, i realized how quickly my life went from all about me to flooded with talk of "we" and "us".  while we are still very much individuals, with very different personalities, it's amazing how quickly our lives joined.  matthew and i met 6.5 years ago, it's crazy to see how quickly we went from single to married to a family.  i feel pretty lucky!

we have an early morning tomorrow- our lucy girl has an appointment to be fixed.  we still haven't figured out how to tell the girls it means lucy won't be having puppies.  we gently explained that lucy needed to have her tummy fixed and she would need a lot of attention the next few days.  it didn't go over well.  maddie wasn't super interested, but gracie's lip started quivering and and she whimpered, "i need my lucy".  it took several rounds of discussion, including at least 4 attempts to correct my one simple, "first they put her to sleep" which threw her into hysterics with a lot of "poor lucy, oh poor lucy".  i fixed it a little when i reminded gracie that she had stitches and lucy would get them just like her.  we coaxed her into bed by promising that she could go with matthew to pick her up from the vet's office.  i tend to get a little queasy with medical stuff, so maddie and i will be staying home to prepare her sick bed in matthew's office.

last saturday we had a jam packed day.  finally at 5 we decided to put off our to do lists and take lucy on a walk up the canyon.  it was chillier than we thought it'd be, so we didn't make it too far, but after a long winter, it feels so nice to just be outside!  the girls take turns holding lucy's leash before their hands get full with rocks and sticks and the leash is passed off to matthew or me.  we have a giant pile of rocks on our porch waiting to be painted.  i promised the girls a spot in their room for a big jar of painted (and, of course, glittered) rocks from all their different walks.  i can't wait to get it put together!

i am so excited at all the great feedback we've going on heading to washington d.c for matthew's internship!  i can't wait to get our list made of places to visit- i can't thank you enough!!  have a great weekend:)

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