Monday, March 31, 2014

heartfelt weekend...

a quick post today.  i'm re-working my blog schedule and trying to iron everything out.  i'm loving the direction i'm taking my blog and can't wait to share some new things with you!  

this picture is a snapshot of our sunday morning.  church starts at 1pm, so our mornings are filled with an assortment of activities to keep the girls busy!  matthew snapped this picture in the midst of playing salon.  maddie loves having her nails painted (the whole time i'm painting them she is so nervous i'm going to forget to paint her pinky finger) and gracie is big into doing hair (actually, gracie came upstairs at one point with crazy, big hair and told us she found a new way to do her hair.  she discovered a way to rat her hair with her fingers.  it took a good portion of detangling spray to get it brushed out).  after the ratted hair debacle i cautiously let her brush my hair out.  the rest of the day she commented on how beautiful my hair looked.  after a morning of fun, time crept up on us, but i'm happy to report we made it to church on time (it did take a little bit of running on my part).  

our weekend was packed full, but one of the most uplifting we've had in recent memory.  saturday morning started off with my nephew's baptism and a family party.  saturday evening i attended a women's conference for our church up in salt lake.  the conference was broadcast from salt lake city to all over the world.  women, from the age of 8 on up, came together to learn how we can uplift and serve one another.  there is a lot going on in our world, and so often i feel like much of it is negative.  each of the messages shared were positive, loving and so hopeful.  i left feeling both humbled and blessed.  you can watch a recording of the conference here, i'm hoping to find time to listen to a few of the speakers again this week!

sunday was an emotional day for me.  for the last 3 years i have been in the primary presidency at our church.  i've worked alongside 3 of the most amazing girls i've met- through weekly meetings, activities, programs and lessons, we've grown close and have loved serving together.  we were released on sunday, and while we're all ready for a little break, it was a bittersweet day!  i have loved getting to know all the sweet kids in our ward and felt blessed each sunday getting to be with them for 2 hours. 

needless to say, i'm going to bed tonight with puffy eyes from crying for the last two days (as i've told my girls a lot this weekend, sometimes big people cry when we're really happy) but a very full heart!

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