Thursday, March 27, 2014

gap kids fashion show

a couple weeks ago the girls were asked to walk in a little fashion show for our local gap kids store. i was hesitant to have them participate, but gave in after gracie got wind of the whole thing. she told maddie they got to be on stage and they were sold! i always get a little nervous before they get up in front of people to do anything- whether it's dance, a school performance, etc. i don't ever want them to feel like they didn't do a great job- and there is always the possibility of freezing in the spotlight. 

my fears were quickly squashed as they got up on the stage. the crowd cheered and gracie giggled and covered her ears. maddie did a head tilt/smile/dance hip move the whole way down the runway. when they got to the end the opted out of the simple turn around and walk back and figured the best thing to do would be to leap off the end of the stage. gracie started, maddie followed. i gasped when i realized maddie would be jumping- she tends to be a little less coordinated than gracie. after surprising everyone with their leaps, they climbed right back on and walked to the other end of the runway. it was no big deal, just another day! they got back into the dressing room and asked if they were going to go down again. they thought it was pretty great! while i don't see another fashion show in the immediate future, i did love having the girls experience something new. my favorite part of it all was watching them hold hands the whole way down the runway. their relationship has grown to be the very most important thing in their lives, and i couldn't be happier!

you can shop items from gap's darling blue + yellow line, including the girls outfit, below. click on an image to get details. i'm loving it for easter!

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  1. Did your daughter like wearing the romper? My best friend's daughter just turned two and I was thinking of getting her one (they are super cute!), but I'm not sure if a two year old would think they're comfortable.