Friday, March 28, 2014

game night...

 this is a look at a pretty typical night around our house.  the girls have had a hard week adjusting to matthew's extended study hours and a crazy week for me.  we decided we'd delay bedtime by a bit so we could play a couple rounds of our favorite game, guess who.

it never fails to entertain all of us.  we double up and play against each other.  matthew and i always get a little competitive, but it mostly involves eye glaring and subtle quick jabs so the girls don't notice.  we have to cover maddie's mouth because she almost always blurts out her pick.  gracie giggles the entire time because she's just sure she knows exactly what the other team has picked and she is going to win.  it really is the very worst game to play before calming down for bed.  i love guess who because it's pretty easy for maddie to play along with.  along with coloring, counting and sorting into categories, i think it's good for the girls to experience winning and losing.  and i'd be lying if i said matthew and i didn't play a round or two after the girls got into bed while we were cleaning up.

we only played for a half hour or so, but it's amazing what a difference it makes for the girls.  by 6:30 (we put our girls to bed by about 7, give or take a half hour) matthew and i are ready to wind down from our day, but that extra bit of effort at night sets the tone for our next day.  whether it's reading a book, painting the girls nails, telling stories or playing a game, it's nice to have the last thing before bed be quality family time.

ps- i'm pretty sure we finished in an even tie, but each team took a fair share of time celebrating their wins.  one celebration involved a little someone climbing on the table and then lucy tried to follow suit!

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  1. Oh I love your little family! Such sweet pictures!!!