Friday, March 7, 2014

fashion friday with sweet little peanut...spring looks with crewcuts

maddie: top (on sale in stores, similar here), skirt, sweaterflats, sunglassesbracelet, (silver glasses were a target find last summer)

i feel like every friday post could start out with "what a week"...but this week it seems especially fitting!  we're nearing the end of construction in our house.  besides final inspections and last little details, we're all done!  re-carpeting the whole house was the last big hurdle.  i don't think i ever stopped to realize what has to happen when you re-carpet, but now i know.  you have to basically move out of your house (at least a couple rooms at a time).  if that wasn't a pain, lucy went into heat the night before they began.

the whole heat ordeal has been more traumatic for the girls than lucy.  matthew decided to take the scientific route and explained that lucy was old enough to have babies.  gracie immediately became thrilled with the idea of puppies running all over the house.  but first up on her agenda was finding lucy "her true love so she can get married and have puppies."  she racked her brain for boy dogs and worried about all the details of the wedding (do dogs wear dresses, etc).  she paused long enough to ask me if i had to marry someone else to have a baby.  i explained that matthew and i were already married so we were good on that end.  to which she exclaimed, "then when are you going to have a baby?!"  luckily i had the lucy crisis to divert to.  i'm not sure how we'll every broach the subject of getting her fixed.  hopefully we'll get through it without putting gracie in therapy.

we've been able to keep lucy's marriage somewhat on the back burner as gracie tends diligently to lucy.  we told her lucy was probably grumpy and tired (i'm just assuming based on my experiences) and we find gracie throughout the day calmly petting lucy, feeding her more dog cookies than food and alerting me every time lucy tries to take her puppy diaper off.  by the way, getting a 50 pound dog in a diaper is easier than it looks.  carrying your 50 pound dog home after she lays down on the sidewalk is much harder.  matthew is claiming he may need to work out of town when the girls are teenagers.  he's convinced it will be similar, except for chasing away male dogs he'll be chasing away boys, and where lucy is calmed down with a new chew toy and cookies, he's just sure the girls will be harder to appease.

all in all, we've made it through the week.  we've learned a lot.  and tonight for date night, we might just lay out on our new carpet, watch frozen and eat treats!

sweet little peanut asked us to share some highlights for girls spring looks with crewcuts.  and while we're not quite at shorts and t-shirts, we're getting excited as we see temperatures warming up and the prospect of not having to wear tights and leggings with dresses all the time!  their spring line is one of my favorites in recent history.  i love the simple, laid back feel to it, and especially how well it can be mixed and matched (gracie's sweater with maddie's skirt, maddie's top with nearly anything, etc.) maddie will be wearing her outfit on our upcoming cruise- we can't wait!

all photos were taken by lindsey orton.  she is incredibly quick and engaging with our girls- i love knowing in a few short moments she'll capture the girls and their personalities.  the only downside is selecting my favorites from her proofs- i loved every single one!

thank you so much for reading, sorry about my less than active posting.  we've been without internet the last couple days!


  1. LOVE! Your girls are just precious. Can't wait to see my two girls interact like this!

  2. These girls just belong in a J.Crew catalog! So sweet!

  3. Love these pictures- Lindsey really caught their little spirits! Cute outfits too!