Monday, March 17, 2014

always buddies...

our weekend was jam packed!  friday morning matthew and i were texting back and forth our to do lists and schedules and making plans for the weekend and we realized we were in for a crazy couple of days.  but, we got through it, and despite me not getting to a single bit of laundry, it wasn't too bad.

the girls are tucked in bed, snuggled as close as possible to each other.  they've always been close and loved to play together, but lately, the two of them are attached at the hip.  gracie wakes up at least an hour before maddie.  the second maddie is awake she is calling for gracie to come and help her down the stairs.  gracie picks everything out in twos.  if she needs a snack, maddie needs the same snack, if gracie wants to color, maddie does too, and they each need a pink and purple crayon.  bath time lasts a minimum of an hour, because that's how long it takes to play sisters who are mermaids that can turn into fairies.  when collecting rocks they have to each pick two, one for themselves and the second as a present to the other.

while i sometimes feel like it's me against them during the day, i can't help but relish in and encourage their relationship.  i sometimes worry about their future and what's in store for them.  it's scary to think in just a few short years they'll be entangled in elementary school, and then the awkward junior high years.  by high school they will likely have experienced some form of mean girl trauma, and it makes it so much easier knowing they will always have each other.  i'm sure that in 12 years they'll still be staying up too late giggling, helping each other find the perfect outfits (and destroying their closets in the process) and teasing matthew and i (although they may trade the word silly in for dorky).

last week, sweet little peanut asked the girls to come in to show some spring looks with graphic tees.  it wasn't too hard to get something together- it seems like most days our girls are in a tee!  i love how soft they are and how easy they are to dress up or down.  all these photos were taken by lindsey orton, and all i can say is that the girl has talent!  she was wrapped up with both girls in under 5 minutes.  i'm serious.  it's a gift that every mother can appreciate, plus, they turned out pretty great, in my biased opinion:)

check back tomorrow for our tuesday thoughts- i have a great board with some inexpensive items for spring!

gracie: crewcuts tee | old navy camo pants | old navy sandals (seriously so cute, $16) | denim shirt | every dot and tiddle bow | sunglasses
maddie: peek tee | seersucker shorts (similar here) | white denim jacket | pink converse | baseball hat |

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  1. I love reading your blog! Your posts are always so honest and sweet. And your girls are simply adorable! Thanks for being an inspiring blogger! :)