Tuesday, February 18, 2014

tuesday thoughts...on the go looks for moms + daughters

we are having a blast on our very last minute california trip.  it was part escape from the frigid weather, part due to matthew's class free schedule.  he has a big paper to write, but we figured writing and studying in the backyard in the sun can only improve his score.  but we've been waiting for tomorrow, and it's almost the day!  we are heading to disneyland and we couldn't be more excited!  in honor of our day, i put together a couple inspiration boards for days on the go looks.  

splendid jacket | gray tee | denim | converse shoes | baseball hat | backpack | sunglasses | water bottle |
most importantly, i'll start with the shoes.  i am a fan, a believer, and all around celebrator of converse shoes.  i wear them at least 3 days a week.  they're comfortable, classic and, in my opinion, go with just about anything.  i love the look of a tee and denim with a knit moto jacket.  it's laid back and cool, but still put together.  throw it on with a baseball hat (the best invention ever for bad hair days...or non-washed hair days) and you have a pulled together look that can be accomplished in minutes.  i have been on the hunt for a great backpack for a while now.  something i can pack to the brim and throw on and go.  at disneyland you can't take strollers into lines, and carrying a purse on one shoulder all days gets uncomfortable fast.  this herschel supply company backpack is pretty amazing.  i love the polka dots and chambray and how much i can shove into it.  number one in my backpack will be a reusable water bottle.  i am trying (for real this time) to not only decrease my diet coke intake, but seriously increase my water intake.  why is it so hard?!  this water bottle has a cute reminder on the front!

and now for the girls...the main thing when we head out on an all day adventure is comfort.  i want them to feel free to move, run and play.  next is warmth- there is nothing worse than a cold child!  i love this lightweight rain jacket.  it can be stuffed in a purse, tied around a waist, it has a hood and it's the perfect weight.  this crewcuts jacket, bought a size up, can easily fit for at least 2 seasons, and the look will never go out of style.  my girls consider hats and sunglasses necessary accessories and can usually be found wearing one 24 hours a day (even helmets).  i don't complain, i love the protection from the sun.  the bon look sunglasses are expensive, but nearly indestructible.  and, once again, in my book, you can't go wrong with converse.  a classic look, comfortable fit and the option to wash them over and over again makes it a perfect choice.  and lastly (and according to maddie probably the most important) a stuffed animal.  the girls literally never leave the house without a stuffed animal- ever.  this bunny is affectionately called "rosie posie."  at 7" she is small enough to sneak inside school bags, carried through the grocery store and snuggled every single night.  i love that rosie can be washed (at least weekly on the sanitary cycle) and is so, so soft.  i stayed up all night before leaving for california.  the second i fell asleep on the plane, maddie woke me up because rosie was cold and needed to be wrapped up in her blanket.  the second i fell back asleep i was woken up because rosie accidentally pooped all over maddie.  it took a lot of patience to not flush rosie down the toilet, but thankfully she is still with us!

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