Tuesday, February 11, 2014

tuesday thoughts...current reading list

we are big book readers in our house.  the girls are never satisfied with one book.  one leads to two, three and sometimes four.  as for me, i'll stay up until 2am (sometimes later) reading, my famous last words "just one more chapter."  i've found that when i'm on a reading kick i'm more likely to encourage the girls to read or paint and matthew and i will stay up discussing things we've picked up on.  it helps us to keep the tv on, which is always a good thing.  we'll spend quiet afternoons on the couch (sometimes it lasts only 15 minutes, but i'll take it!) cuddled up.  i hope our girls develop my love for reading and think it's important for them to see me read (we see matthew reading pretty much all the time).  it's a great escape for me, especially when i can't sleep at night.

i've rounded up a few of the girls favorites along with what is on my current kindle list...i can't wait to start them!

for kids
junie b. jones' first ever box set barbara park // i lived away from my parents in college, but occasionally had sisters living close by.  on more than one occasion i fell asleep listening to junie b. jones on tape with my niece emma.  i'd have to muffle my laughter- i've never heard a funnier six year old!  i'm thinking gracie is ready to start the series...my only hesitation is she does use some words that we may not love gracie repeating lots (stupid is one of them...i know it's probably silly, but they're only little for so long!)

little house on the prairie laura ingalls wilder // this one may be a good alternative.  i still remember listening to my mom read these books to me and my sisters.  it's an innocent, sweet, tender story of a family- and i'm pretty sure maddie would listen as long as she could sit in my lap.

cinderella: a fashionable tale steven guarnaccia // i'm not sure who would like this book more- me or the girls.  the illustrations come from 20th and 21st century designers, including prada inspired glass slippers!

madame president lane smith // an imagined day in the life of a little girl who is the president.  the illustrations are hilarious, such a great, witty book!

press here herve tullet // a perfect book for my maddie.  it's a fun interactive book for us to read together.

magic tree house mary pope osborne // i'm not sure how ready gracie is for this series, but matthew will be thrilled when she is!

and moms
within dr. habib sadeghi // i've been hearing some interesting things about this book.  i'm not a huge self help reader, but i may give this book a try.  i'm fascinated with the connection between our minds and our bodies.  it's been called fresh and uncomplicated!

dark witch nora roberts // nora roberts is an indulgence for me.  i can't resist a simple romance novel and i get sucked in every time.  i'm guaranteed to read it cover to cover within a couple days...laundry is destined to be ignored.  matthew always gets a kick out of me reading these books!

the goldfinch donna tarrt // i'm a big review reader, i hardly pick up a book without reading at least one or two.  it rarely changes my mind on whether i'll read it or not, it just gives me an idea of what i'll find (and a lot of times i'll try and prove that review wrong).  the goldfinch has had tons of great reviews, but i read a critical essay about it, and i have to say it's making me want to read it even more!  i'm not super familiar with the art world, so i'm sure i'll be googling images non stop!

the book thief markus zusak // the story of a little girl in 1939 nazi germany who finds her calling stealing books.  along her way she learns to read and befriends the jewish man hiding in her basement.  this book was already turned into a movie (apparently released over thanksgiving...we're out of the movie loop) making it a quick read followed by a netflix date!


  1. I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who is in Kindergarten and for Hannukah instead of presents we give one book a night. This year we started chapter books and I also had my reservations about the language in Junie B. Jones so we tried the Ivy and Bean series and our daughter LOVES them. There are so far 10 of them and she was frantic that when we finish them "there is nothing else good to read"! They have now become my go-to gift for her friends. Maybe you would like those as well? Love your blog, it's one of my favorites and you have inspired me as a Mom.

  2. We are huge readers over here too! I use to be a kindergarten teacher before turned stay at home mom and I would read the junie b books to my class. Every time junie would say a not so nice word my kids would shout out noooo junie b! And then I would have them should out something nicer junie b could say instead of stupid or what not. Try that, because I really love the junie b series.