Tuesday, February 25, 2014

tuesday thoughts...

i had a post all ready for yesterday (monday) and for some reason blogger wouldn't let me move it from scheduled draft to published.  i'm getting more and more excited for my switch to wordpress!  i've been busy pinning branding and fonts and color schemes, i can't wait for it to all come together!

i finally sat down tonight to see if i could get my post up, but got distracted looking through all our pictures from disneyland.  i decided to add a few different pictures, and then write about a couple things i don't want to forget...and before i knew it, my finished post was torn apart and is sitting in my drafts folder.  but really, our week in california was just what we needed to get through the rest of the winter.  

so, my tuesday thoughts are a bit jumbled and all over the place, making me feel that my title for this post is quite fitting.  if you've had a conversation with me, you know i can jump from one topic to the next rather quickly- so it's more like a digital version of a conversation with me.

clockwise from top left...

1.  i have found myself surrounded by some very very talented, creative friends.  i love hearing about their new ventures and passions.  i was so excited for my darling girlfriend, kelly, when she started a clothing company.  kelly is one of those girls who is impossible not to love- she is sweet and kind, not to mention the very best nursery song leader i think there ever was.  maddie comes home each week singing a different song.  kelly's company, indy brand clothing, features apparel for the whole family.  i have one of their t shirts and it really is the most comfortable tee i own.  i can't wait to get the girls something, their designs are so cute (their chevy chase girls tee + distressed boyfriend jeans + converse + a baseball hat just may be the perfect spring outfit for the girls!) and i can attest to how durable they are.  

2.  i'm on a reading kick lately.  i've rarely touched my dvr'd law & order svu shows and have opted for quiet nights reading (probably from a lack of tv in the room we slept in at my parents.  i really should get rid of the tv in our room) and staying up far too late.  i have adapted to reading on an ipad, and rarely miss the physical turning of the page (swiping my finger is so much more quiet while matthew is sound asleep).  with our cruise and summer internship traveling coming up, i've been thinking about investing in a kindle.  i don't need any tablet capabilities, but a simple reader with a light...i've narrowed it down to the paperwhite but am looking for any suggestions!

3.  my mom has listened to the radio show "coast to coast with george noory" for as long as i can remember.  every night they discuss "unexplained phenomena" and some of the oddest stories i've ever heard.  he has experts on to discuss everything from earthquakes to ufo's to government conspiracies.  we once listened to him in the middle of night while caravanning up to san francisco and i think i had nightmares about some of the stuff he was talking about...and i was 21.  needless to say, it is wildly entertaining and gives us plenty to tease my mom about.  matthew and i listened to it the other night and have been going back and forth about a few different topics they discussed about the government and banking.  i'm thinking i'd be a pretty good conspiracy theorist!

4.  i posted a picture on instagram of the girls at the airport in gap rompers and received quite a few questions about them.  i am in love with them and only wished they had them in more colors.  they were so comfortable for a day of traveling and have washed up really well.  they look great with a denim jacket, a cardigan or just plain.  i can't wait for warmer weather when they can be worn with sandals!  (maddie's striped romper, gracie's gray romper)

5.  matthew and i are actually heading back down to california friday evening to my grandma's 90th birthday celebration.  i spent some time last saturday with her, which is always so entertaining.  she is sassy and particular and pretty funny.  we got to talking about her party and she asked what i was planning on wearing.  i told her i was thinking about wearing some nice dressy pants with a blouse and heels, to which she responded, "well it's my party, but i guess i won't tell you what to wear".  i quickly changed my story and said i had thought about a dress too to which she said, "well yes, i think you ought to wear a dress, it is my party."  i have yet to even think about what to wear, but after seeing my sister buy this wayf dress ($58) for our cruise, i'm thinking it might be a great option.  the yellow is amazing and looks perfect on her, but the black is simple and classic too.  with a great pair of heels and maybe a jacket, it may just pass my grandma's judgement!

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