Monday, February 10, 2014

polka dots, stripes, plaid and rainboots...

i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the construction going on in our house.  i have a new found respect for people who remodel their house while living in it.  our house is still turned upside down, but we're slowly getting everything put back together...just in time for the carpet to come in, and then we'll be moving it all out again!  we've become buddies with the crew and even baked muffins last week to share.  however, i won't be totally sad when they're all gone!

our sunday was filled with rain and storm clouds.  we have church later in the afternoon, so our mornings are drawn out, and when the girls get up at 6am, they last forever.  by 11am we were negotiating to keep everyone going and on track to be on time.  an extra long bath, rainboots and a fresh coat of nail polish were agreed upon.  those girls have become pros at negotiating!  

we couldn't pass up jumping in a few puddles- what were rainboots made for?!  the girls splashed until they were slightly wet, and then we were shuttling them back inside.  gracie realized halfway through puddle jumping that she lost her mini horse (the one that matches the one that maddie is constantly clutching).  there were a few tears shed, the really dramatic ones that call for hands on cheeks and wailing and only quieted by maddie telling her they could share her horse until mom tears the house apart and finds it.  i love that the girls call them their "min-a-die horses".  miniature is a tough word to say!

we celebrated matthew's sister's birthday (17 is a pretty big deal!) with all 9 of his siblings (and parents and spouses and 11 grandkids) is every bit as entertaining and wild as it sounds!  somewhere after cake and ice cream gracie smacked the back of her head on a table and cut it open.  i immediately got woozy, various sisters-in-law grabbed ice and towels, matthew's dad was reassuring everyone she'd be fine and i held her while matthew and his mom checked it out.  luckily it didn't need stitches, but it did require some extra pampering and attention at bedtime.  matthew and i laid on our bed with her while she relived every detail of how she hurt her head (it reassured me that she didn't have a concussion- well that and my webmd research and multiple checkings of her pupils) and then discussed why gracie is "much, much, like really A LOT braver than mom".  #1 on her list is my refusal to hold snakes at the pet store, and she doesn't mind one bit.  

i'm pretty excited about some future happenings for our happiness tour.  i started the process of a complete blog overhaul (it's been long overdue!) with some fun projects in the making.  i love this space we've created and finding ways to celebrate our family.  i'd love any feedback or suggestions of posts you'd like to see.  you can comment or email me at  thanks so much for reading!

gracie's turtleneck (zara, on sale for $8, great to stock up on for next year!) | zara plaid skirt (similar here) | coat | hunter boots |
my madewell dress (old, similar here + here) | ann taylor coat (old, similar here) | hunter boots | watch |
**i am a firm believer in hunter boots.  we spent a winter in new york city for an internship, and i trudged around the city, 9 months pregnant, in my hunter boots.  they kept my from slipping down subway stairs, kept me warm in frigid temps, and kept my feet dry walking through snow and slush.  i love hunters for my girls- they can put them on themselves, they can run, jump and keep dry.  

\\ gracie realizing she has lost her mini horse.  i mean, that's worth dramatic crying, right?! \\


  1. So sorry about the hurt head-but did you find the horse??? Love the outfits!

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  3. gorgeous gorgeous photos! A seriously beautiful family you have!
    p.s. the polka dots are to die for