Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day!

it's the day we've been waiting for!  gracie woke up me up this morning squealing and screaming next to my bed.  she demanded i close my eyes and go downstairs.  she held my hand and led me the whole way.  i opened my eyes and found our downstairs covered in balloons.  matthew had snuck them in early this morning.  he left notes and flowers and two of the pinkest, most valentine looking stuffed animals i've every seen.  in other words, it was little girl heaven.  i've said it before, but holidays with these girls are the best.  their excitement is contagious and it makes going the extra mile totally worth it!

i had more fun than i should admit with the girls valentines this year.  we spent yesterday getting them all ready and put together- we had to use the leftover pictures from our studio 5 segment.  they were the perfect personal touch to each valentine.  the best part of it all will be hearing the girls commentary and every single detail of passing them out.  

i hope you all have a great day celebrating with those you love!  thanks for reading!:)

ps- you can find the girls dresses here!

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