Wednesday, February 19, 2014

date night wednesday...menswear

for our date this week we took full advantage of our live in sitters.  we finally got to see saving mr. banks!  i think this is the first adult movie we've seen in...i can't even remember how long!  i'm a big emma thompson fan to begin with, and and even bigger one now.  i cried my way through the whole thing and loved the central theme of families.  i'm insisting i read the book mary poppins now!  after the movie we decided we'd grab dinner quick.  as soon as we had ordered our food, my phone rang.  i could barely hear my mom over gracie sobbing.  she woke up with an awful earache.  we snagged our waitress, had our food made to go and bolted home.  after spending hours and hours swimming and diving down to pick up toys i'm thinking it may be swimmers ear.  she's currently snuggled in-between us in bed- we're praying that she feels better tomorrow morning for our disneyland trip!

i have been flipping through magazines and browsing pinterest lately- one of the biggest trends i've seen is menswear for women.  i love the classic look, oversized pieces and overall simplicity of it.  while a lot of it wouldn't work for my everyday life, i decided to come up with something a little more realistic.  i snagged the tory burch flats from my mom's closet (i think i brought 2 pairs of shoes, flip flops and the shoes i wore down), they couldn't be anymore menswear inspired (i actually think their description in "gentlemanly").  instead of wider pants that require heels, i opted for tapered silk pants.  they're much easier with daily demands, not to mention seriously feel like you're in pajamas all day comfortable.  my kate spade saturday top is one of my favorites.  i love the neckline and the material.  it was a super easy outfit to throw together and something i'll definitely be trying out again!  in fact, i just bought these pants for our cruise to wear with heels and a fitted top- sort of a katharine hepburn look.  hopefully this is a trend that will be sticking around for a while!

thanks so much for reading, have a great day!

striped tee (my favorite one ever, $30!) | leather jacket (similar here for $85) | joie pants | tory burch flats | watch | purse | sunglasses |

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