Friday, February 21, 2014

beach day...

when the forecast gives you an 80 degree day, it's impossible to go home without a day at the beach.  we threw the sand toys in the car along with a few towels and sunscreen, picked up whitney and oliver and headed down.  sometimes simple is the easiest.  

we ended up staying at whitney's the rest of the night.  the girls discovered every single one of oliver's toys, and especially loved his stuffed animals.  matthew and i roll our eyes every time the girls ask for new stuffed animals, but really, they are always their favorite toys.  whitney showed me up when the girls took a bath- apparently every single night at the maclaurin's includes colored water and more bath toys than they knew what to do with.  gracie will be talking about bathing in purple water for the next year (seriously, she has the world's best memory).  they snacked, tried to carry oliver around, and sort of held still for a few brief moments to watch the little mermaid.

gracie had a meltdown after her bath after maddie snagged whitney's special pink t-shirt to wear home as pajamas.  gracie was left with red, which at the end of an exciting and long day is heartbreaking and according to her, grounds to make her day, "very, very awful."  it's one of the things i struggle with the most as a mom.  i want the girls to always act gracious, thankful and aware of others feeling...and at 4, that's a big thing to learn.  i snapped at her, she screamed at me.  after realizing we were getting no where fast, i left the room to compose myself.  i've realized that all the blame can't be placed on her- while she is a strong headed 4 year old, i know i can be a stubborn 28 year old.  after our little "breather", we spent a few minutes talking about the right way to respond when we don't get our way.  it's amazing how much patience is required for both gracie and myself, and how much better we get along when we're not frustrated.  we calmly talked, sat and held hands, and by the time we were out the door we were both new people.  gracie was more than willing to help out and be kind the rest of the night.  and when she thought no one else was watching, she gave me a thumbs up and the cutest wink (really she blinks both eyes, but it's probably the cutest thing i've ever seen) letting me know she was working on being grateful.  all was great...until we got in the car to go home.  for the 2 minutes before she completely passed out she whimpered in the back about really missing the pink stuffed dog matthew got her for valentine's day and how terrible it was that she had to live her at home in utah.  i let out a little sigh of relief when she fell asleep- it is simply exhausting to have so much life and spirit shoved into one little body!  

we're heading back to disneyland today to cross off a few more rides.  the weather is making leaving california harder and harder, and more and more tempting with summer, whit and oliver would be pretty great neighbors!

ps- the beach is one of my all time favorite places to take pictures.  i took pictures for the first maybe 15 minutes we were there and loved so many of them.  and also, the girls swimsuits are going on 2 years old from crewcuts, but they still have them.  you can find them here...and while they are expensive (i snagged them on a crazy sale, i think they were $15, they always have the best sales!) they seriously last forever.  these suits have been worn a ton and could easily get through the next summer!

|| matthew was there, but he worked on his paper the whole time.  we at least liked having him there to wave to from the water! ||


  1. WOWWWW. Your girls are just soooo beautiful! And that little boy. Stop it. ADORABLE!! My husband would SO be the guy on the laptop working on the beach too! Have fun at Disney today!

  2. Lindsey, I seriously can't get enough of your blog...also know as...your fun and fashionable family. Thank you for sharing an honest moment of frustration with your girls. Sometime's it hard to keep it real, but you did so with grace! It helps me to remember to take a minute to regroup when it comes to my own little babes. Have a fabulous weekend.