Monday, February 3, 2014

a little bit of this, a little bit of that...

every now and then (not nearly as often as i should) i empty out my iphone camera roll and find a few gems.  even though i do share a lot here on my blog, there is a lot that never makes it on our blog or even instagram.  i thought i'd share a few of our day to day moments today!

// on tuesdays and thursdays matthew has class until later in the evening.  the girls have a break in-between their dance classes and occasionally we'll "surprise" matthew at school.  i'll usually call ahead and arrange it so we just happen on to him in the lobby.  the girls squeal, he acts matter how many times we do it, it never gets old.  the girls show matthew a few of their dance moves and generally attract some attention from some of his classmates.  we're only there for about 20 minutes, but it's nice getting in some time with matthew! //

// oh, these girls are little handfuls, but they're smart handfuls.  the other day they sat in my room talking to me while i finished up morning chores and gracie spouted off with some of her wisdom.  she explained how sometimes they tell matthew that he's the boss, but really they know i'm the real, real boss.  but i'm not supposed to tell matthew.  it took me .7 seconds to text him.  i mean, it's only fair he knows where everyone stands. (ps, the girls dresses are from wunway, and to die for!) //

// where gracie has always been my energetic child, maddie tends to be my emotional child.  she loves to be held, requires a bit more attention and might be a tiny bit dramatic.  she has given up naps, but on the occasional day, she'll lay down on my bed and snooze away.  i can't help but wonder at her peacefully sleeping, she is one of a kind.  but you better believe i'm whispering for gracie to book it downstairs so we don't wake her up! //

// and then there is this one, who is every bit of spunky and wild as a 4 year old she be.  she takes a post it note pad or a little journal with her everywhere she goes.  she leaves notes in the car, in my pockets, on my counter, and every place in-between.  my favorite are the pictures of our family, decked out with "decorations".  she draws bows, flowers and a plethora of hearts around us and signs is "gracie belle and moo moo". //

// if the girls aren't keeping me busy, this naughty dog is.  lucy is a pretty well behaved dog.  but out of no where it's like she gets a little jolt and insists on making me chase her around the front yard.  or you know, she actually eats our couch.  either way, the dog has seriously become a part of our family. but my #1 search on google is a dog trainer. (ps- i snagged these boots from my mom, who needs rain boots in california?!) //

// you haven't lived until you've conquered home depot with the girls dressed in their dance outfits.  we got quite a few stares and a while lot of questions about what we were doing.  it took me 4 times longer than it should have, but we picked out a light fixture, got the knobs for the cabinets and hustled out. //

// i'm awoken by a little voice on my side of the bed at least once a week, usually more.  i don't know what it is, but the girls saying, "mom, i need you" is something i'll never be able to turn down.  lucy usually trots in behind them, and she doesn't even bother asking, she just jumps right in.  matthew can only handle about an hour of it before he bails for the girls bed.  i don't mind the snuggling or even the occasional foot to my head...they don't mind me sleeping diagonal or hogging the covers! //

// my buddies after lunch with some girlfriends.  //

// saturday night, after the girls fell asleep, matthew ran to pick us up some frozen yogurt.  we were downstairs on the couch chowing down when we heard a little voice on the stairs.  we were caught red handed.  when she asked us if we were eating frozen yogurt we adamantly denied it.  she finally sighed and said, "i can see it right there."  it was a hard sell to get her to go back to bed.  sunday night she came in several times, i'm sure hoping to catch us with another snack! //

// halfway through parent/teacher conferences we looked down and were so embarrassed to find we were totally matching!  on another note, we were not surprised to hear that gracie is a social butterfly and maddie is a teachers pet. //

// matthew and i ran away the other night.  for 2 hours and to ikea.  it wasn't very romantic, but it was fun.  we found these amazing navy wingback chairs for a steal.  we settled on them for the basement, bought them and realized just as we were about to wheel the cart out that we had driver matthew's small car.  we felt a little dumb turning around and returning them!  but really, these chairs are surprisingly comfortable and i'm in love with the color! //

// and last but not least, this child.  this is her favorite look to give me, she can hold it for about 4 seconds before she is bursting with giggles.  but for a split second, i'm a little scared! //


  1. Thanks for sharing these. Your girls are as cute as ever, and I'm looking forward to seeing how all the redecorating turns out.

  2. Seriously your girls are gorgeous, and its no wonder because the parents are!! ;) I love the wing back chairs its always fun to find a new addition to the home!