Monday, January 27, 2014

weekend blur...

it's sunday night and matthew and i have been in bed since before 8pm.  maddie went to bed saturday night with just the tiniest bit of a runny nose and woke up at midnight with a cough.  it's that sound that every parent dreads hearing- the barking cough of croup.  she was half asleep, sobbing and coughing all at the same time.  i stumbled into her room and found her in the midst of a croup attack.  she was coughing and her breathing sounded awful.  it took me 5 seconds to become completely panicked...granted, i have occasionally been accused of being a teeny bit anxious.  we brought her into our room to check her out.  matthew got her bundled up to take her out on the balcony to breathe in cool air and open her airways up.  i threw the balcony door opened before i remembered our alarm was set and beeping downstairs.  i rushed downstairs to turn it off.  with all my commotion i woke up lucy who began to furiously bark.  by the time i got upstairs gracie was wide awake and ready to play.  i had gone from sound asleep to mass chaos in under 2 minutes.  i think we set a record.  maddie finally settled down (sitting in a steamy bathroom did the trick) and soon after so did i.  the girls are the worst when they wake up in the middle of the night; it wasn't till 4:15 and after 12 episodes of sheriff callie they were finally back asleep.

needless to say, sunday was a blur.  matthew let me sleep in a little, (he bailed somewhere near 1:30 to sleep in the girls bed) but it was painful getting up.  matthew went to the first hour of church and then we swapped so i could teach primary.  by 5 we were all at each other's throats.  i was grumpy, the girls were exhausted and poor matthew doesn't know what to do when we get like that.  we took lucy out for a little walk, had dinner, gave the girls baths and had them in bed by 6:30.  oh, bedtime is sometimes the very best!

our weekend wasn't all bad though.  friday afternoon, matthew received his grades and rankings for his first semester of law school.  his hard work paid off and we were thrilled with the outcome.  it was a moment of complete pride for me.  i've watched matthew sacrifice a lot over the last few years- between family, work, school and training he has had his plate more than full.  i often sit back and watch him in wonder- his dedication is unwavering and his drive unending.  he is persistent and motivated- just watching him makes me exhausted!  he has opened a lot of doors for our future, we can't wait to find out where we'll be this summer for his internship!  the girls and i took him out friday night to celebrate, we are immensely proud of him!  

ps- you can view my studio 5 segment here!

| she has been held 95% of the weekend.  matthew and i didn't really complain. |

| bundled up for our walk |
| family celebrating |

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  1. Poor Maddie-hopefully last night went better! And way to go Matthew!!!