Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tuesday thoughts…workout gear

5/ reflective trim running top mint…a great forever 21 find!
6/ nike hyper warm top…i have this and i love it with the leg-a-see leopard pants!
7/ zella jacket…comes in great colors!
10/ c9 by champion double strap tank…lululemon knockoff!
11/ c9 by champion capri…target for the win!
12/ c9 by champion premium capris- i have these and they are nearly identical to my, triple the price, lululemon pants…i mean, if you took the tags off, i'm not sure you could tell the difference!
13/ nike amplify print leggings…matthew bought me these for christmas, i love the panel on the back of the knee!
14/ nike pro hyperwarm tights…pink polka dots make everything cuter
16/ nike leg-a-see tights…i have these, and occasionally i wear them all day (and not always to the gym!)
17/ asics gel super j33…asics aren't my favorite looking, but they're an amazing fit!
19/ nike air pegasus…i love these!
20/ saucony kinvara 4…these are the shoes matthew trains in- he swears by them!
22/ nike free 5.0…these were under the tree for me.  i couldn't resist the leopard!
23/ nike+ sport watch…this watch has gotten great reviews!  so sleek!
24/ yurbuds earbuds…adjustable, non slip, protective, etc.
25/ manduka 'be long' body roller…your worst enemy and your best friend.  do you sore muscles a favor!
26/ baggu canvas backpack…cute gym bag, and only $35!
27/ mesh trimmed skinny workout leggings…forever 21 has a great workout line.  not the best quality, but the prices are great!

my new year's resolution includes fitting in some exercise.  whether it's a walk with the girls and lucy, a run on the treadmill or a pilates class, i'm committed to getting in shape.  matthew is a great example to me of placing importance on physical health.  no matter what he has going on in his day, he fits in his training.  most of the time that means getting up sometimes at 4:30 (he goes to bed by 10!) and is out the door by 5am.  this morning he instagramed a picture of the weather during his run…it was a chilly 5 degrees- now that is dedication!  while i don't think i quite have that will power, i have looked at my schedule and know it'll be pretty easy to squeeze in a workout.  matthew got me some workout gear (and by matthew i mean whitney and i went shopping, picked out clothes, bought them, wrapped them, and put them under the tree) and it has been a big motivator for me!  nike has some great patterns out right now, and their shoes are always my favorite (i mean, leopard running shoes?!) but matthew is trying to talk me into getting a pair of saucony's.  target's c9 line has begun to replace my much, much more expensive lululemon gear.  i have been so impressed with their pants!  the fit is nearly identical, and while they may not be quite the same quality, i like that i can get 3 or 4 pairs for the price of 1 pair of pants from lululemon.  gap, old navy and forever 21 have big lines and low prices and are definitely worth checking out!


  1. i loved this post! it makes me want to hit the gym! :)

    1. Hi Amanda,

      That's what I'm hoping for! Except I'll be honest, I got in my workout clothes yesterday with the intention of hitting the gym and it just never happened…I guess as long as they're cute clothes it's still a win?

      Thanks so much for reading!:)

  2. Great picks!


  3. i just wrote about the same thing! you have many more great picks than i though ;)
    i love my lulu but my wallet doesn't always!!! check out the target C9 premium line. i SWEAR the pants are just as good as lulu!!!


  4. Hi,
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