Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the beach in december...

tomorrow it's back to business as usual with posting...but it's freezing cold outside and i'm in denial about it, so i'm it's one more post from christmas.  no matter the month, one of our most favorite parts of visiting california is going to the beach.  i've lived through quite a few utah winters, but more california christmas'...and as much as i love utah, california always wins in january.

the day after christmas was 80 degrees- i couldn't believe it!  the girls spent hours digging holes, catching sand crabs, and playing in the water.  the water was painfully cold, but they would play until their little legs were blue and their teeth were chattering.  they'd run up to the be cuddled in towels until they could run back for more splashing.  i'm never surprised to see gracie brave the cold, but maddie, my less daring of the two, throws caution to the wind and hops right in.  i mean, she can hardly handle a lukewarm bath!  and she loves to throw sand, no matter how many times we yell no more! she just can't help it.  we walked down to the tide pools to explore and poke sea anemones and walk through the caves.  matthew and gracie climbed up on the rocks until she reached the perfect spot to do her little mermaid impression.  they waved and cheered to me as i stood on the beach nervously watching.  while i will never understand their need to climb, i love seeing the sense of accomplishment on both their faces.

our second day at the beach was chilly and windy.  i was completely under the weather with a nasty sinus infection- the kind where your teeth ache with every step you take and the throbbing headache never stops.  i started my antibiotics that morning and had yet to feel any relief.  after a few minutes of playing i curled up on a towel and fell sound asleep.  from what i've heard, in spite of the weather, it was still a blast.  maddie and oliver enjoyed decorating me with seaweed and gracie and matthew built quite the sand castle.  i awoke to maddie sitting on my head and everyone packing up to head home.  i still think the salty air helped me heal up faster.

matthew and i spent a good majority of the day thinking about living close to the beach.  how great it would be to take the girls there a couple times a week.  waking up on a saturday morning, grabbing our beach bag and laying in the sun all day.  i seriously think our family would be content forever there.

| whitney and oliver |
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| my brother-in-law ryan and matthew...when these two are together there can't help but compete over everything.  whit and i have learned to find the humor and spend most of our time making fun on them and fanning the flames. |

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  1. Such great pictures! That beach looks amazing! And your girls look like they are just having the best time! What a great memory!