Monday, January 6, 2014

new year, new start and balboa island...

i feel like today is the first real start of the year.  it seems i always push my new year's resolutions and goals and all the fresh start until the first monday of the year.  i'm staying up late tonight (i'm writing on sunday) and i ate ice cream and was generally annoyed with the weight of responsibility i feel on my shoulders.  i'm planning on making little charts for all of us tomorrow, because while i feel like the girls will respond better to a chore list when they can put stickers on as they complete their tasks, i kind of feel like it might help me to.  matthew is, by my definition, the perfect planner, executor and general non-procrastinator when it comes to his tasks (as for household chores, he has still yet to fix the towel rod in the girls bathroom…we're going on a month now, and as much as it drives me crazy, it's still nice to see him not excel in every category:) so he is thrilled with my new found goals.  i've spent the last year working on some great things in my life.  i am so proud of our blog and the experiences we've had from it.  i looked back at our pictures and the memories we've made and i wouldn't trade them for anything.  i've worked in a church calling, felt friendships grow, and cultivated talents.  i've watched the girls grow and learn and i feel like we've done a pretty good job creating a positive, loving environment for them.  but at the same time, i've been staying up too late, pushing off exercise, delaying doctors appointments and procrastinating some of the things that are most important.  

to help with my new year's resolution i'm starting a super exciting 10 week challenge with some of my girlfriends.  it's a physical, mental and spiritual challenge that includes 10 items to work on each day.  most are simple- drink 6 glasses of water, no eating after 8pm, 6 servings of vegetables, 20 minutes studying holy text or other uplifting work, etc.  i feel like there are so many little things i can do throughout my day to help in my personal life.  i spend much of my day focusing on all things family, but i know that if i take care of myself too, i'll be that much better.  i'm dreading my caffeine withdrawals (i can't quit cold turkey, but i'm hoping to cut back on my 5-6 can a day habit) and sore muscles, but i can't wait for the sense of accomplishment and the growth.  with this post i have publicly promised to stick to it…so i'm hoping it'll help!  

on a completely different note, i have some pictures from our california christmas to share.  we had a blast with my family and especially with the 4 of us (and lucy).  we couldn't leave california without a trip to balboa.  it was unbelievably warm and not too crowded.  we rode the ferry, got pizza and corn dogs, rode the ferris wheel (i rode!), gracie took a turn on a trampoline ride (the girl has some serious courage!) and finished it off with frozen bananas and ice cream.  it couldn't have been more perfect!!

girl's striped tees (old from zara, similar here + here for $8) | gracie's denim | maddie's denim | gracie's hair bow ℅ the splendid bow |

we love our splendid bows!  the quality is amazing, and you have to check out alex's darling prints- polka dots, chambray, stripes, they're all to die for!

| gracie just barely made the weight limit, so maddie watched as she flipped and bounced and squealed and then promptly sobbed that she was a big girl and wanted to go.  ice cream dulled the pain. |
| december in california. |


  1. Love your New Years goals. Especially working on simply being physically and spiritually healthy. And your girls look darling in these pictures! Glad your Christmas was merry! :)

  2. Proud of you for setting goals-you can do it!