Monday, January 20, 2014

little photographers + joules clothing...

gracie has a little v-tech camera that she carries around with her everywhere.  it takes awful, blurry pictures, but despite that, she snaps pictures wherever she can.  this weekend i pulled out our old point and shoot camera and let her have at it.  she passed her old camera down to maddie and the two of them spent the weekend capturing every second.  i had to scream to turn the cameras off when they barged in giggling on me in the shower.  after they got their cameras back from time out they spent another half hour standing 3 feet apart taking pictures of the other one taking a picture of them.  needless to say there was ample giggling and jumping up and down.  they soon moved on to their room and set up all their stuffed animals and took pictures of them jumping up and down on their bed.  i flipped through the pictures and found lots of blurry pictures, lots of close ups of each other and a handful of me sleeping (they came in early and put the flash to good use).  i love when they find something that they can enjoy doing together and listening to their conversation...especially when it involves planning out their next adventure!  

i have been a big fan of joules clothing for quite some time now.  for three decades joules has been one of the best loved brands in britain.  i was so excited to learn they were coming to the states!  i am so impressed with their quality, fit, and i can't get enough of their prints (especially the floral!).  gracie's coat is by far the most amazing coat i've ever found for toddlers.  and you have to check out their rain coats and boots- couldn't be cuter!  ps- they also have a great women and boy line!

maddie's floral dress, cardigan and leggings c/o joules clothing | h&m boots (similar here) |

gracie's floral dress, leggings, coat c/o joules clothing | h&m boots (similar here) |

my t- shirt | skirt | leather jacket (similar here for $85 + here) | zara heels (similar here) | glasses | watch | d&g purse (borrowed from my mom, similar here + here) |