Friday, January 24, 2014

ksl studio 5, valentine edition...

i have three valentine's activities i'll be sharing on studio 5 today.  you can tune in at 1pm or view it online here.  scroll down to get the info on each project as well as the tutorials and our video.  we love celebrating holidays in our house and are always looking for ways to do them together as a family.  valentine's day has always been one of my favorite holidays, and i can't wait for all the fun!  while it's traditionally a romantic holiday, we're keeping it centered around fun, sweet and family love (romantic dates are kicked to the weekend!)

1.  sure do love you notes...
whenever the girls and i say goodbye we have a tradition of saying, "sure do love you!"  it's one of my favorite things to hear the chyme back.  each morning leading up to valentine's day i'll leave a little love note for the girls on their bedroom door.  from a short tidbit to longer love note, it's a fun surprise each morning.  the impact has been unexpected but so i was getting ready to head up to salt lake this morning, gracie brought over a ziploc bag filled with hearts she had cut out and colored on.  she scooted it across the table and said, "mom, do you just love this?!"  i'm pretty sure i'll keep those hearts forever!

i used scrapbooking paper and wash tape to decorate the girls door, but it can easily be done with post it notes, scraps of paper and handcut hearts!

2.  a bouquet of kisses...
you've heard of the darling trio of girls, small fry blog.  they never seem to miss a mark and find great ways to celebrate momhood.  emily put together the most amazing valentine decoration with her cute boys- the smooch strand.  i saw it and a lightbulb went off- instead of a bouquet of flowers, we'll make bouquets of kisses!  taking her idea of taking kissing pictures and cutting their heads out, i got to work.  i took pictures of the girls (the outtakes are even better!) and had 4x6 pictures printed up.  i cut just their heads out and used a foam dot to adhere glittered lips over their lips.  i like the foam dot because it made the lips sort of pop.  i taped the heads on to a skewer and then slipped a paper straw over the skewer...couldn't be easier!  i poked them into jars of candy for a sweet treat for teachers and grandparents.  throwing a valentine's party?  slip them into a bouquet of flower for the perfect centerpiece, or (the much less expensive) pot of wheat grass (i buy a flat at our local grocery store and cut it to fit my jar/vase/bucket).  i love that it looks like little flowers popping out of grass!  this project was super easy and i loved the finished product. 

 3.  25 valentines...
our third project was really so much fun to put together.  i love creating valentine's for the girls classmates, but i do miss that opportunity to see the girls pass them out and their reaction and all of that fun.  we decided we would make 25 valentines to pass around to people we see.  whether it's dropping one off to their favorite babysitter (brookie, who is on the video), the mcdonald's drive thru employee, the crossing guard who always waves to us, the sweet receptionist at the pediatricians office and so on.  we're keeping a basket in the car and setting a goal to have all 25 delivered before valentine's day.  there is nothing sweeter than seeing the girls excited about sharing something they've helped make...although maddie struggles a little with giving away candy, because she'd be happy keeping it all to herself!  you can watch the video below that we made while starting up our 25 valentines adventure!

i'm so grateful i was able to share some of these ideas with studio 5!  thank you so, so much for reading!


  1. OMG HOW PRECIOUS! Love these little projects, so fun!! Your girls are beautiful :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Love those darling little faces! What a cute way to show love!!!