Thursday, January 16, 2014

first day of dance class...

after months of tagging along to gracie's dance classes, and trying her best to sneak her way in, it was finally maddie's big first day of dance class!  she is a few months away from the 3 year old cut off, but their studio let her join in gracie's class.  the two of them have been thrilled for this moment.  they got up early wednesday morning and laid out their outfits.  every 15 minutes they asked if they could put them on.  the afternoon went by painfully slow and finally maddie fell asleep.  gracie hurried and got in her leotard and tutu and took maddie's outfit and laid it right next to her for when she woke up. as i was getting maddie ready she turned to me and said, "i am so excited, my eyes are sparkling!"  gracie spent the entire time prepping maddie on what to expect.  hearing her perspective on it was so sweet!

before we walked out the door i tried to snap a couple pictures of maddie.  turns out separating them was the absolute worst thing i've ever done.  gracie joined maddie and the sobs stopped.  i asked maddie at least a dozen times if she needed to go potty before we went in, but i think she was too anxious and didn't want to take her tutu off (i was pretty excited too:).  the girls went in to the class and maddie sat right down next to gracie.  i got a little teary eyed as i watched gracie whisper to maddie, introduce her to the teacher and hold her hand.  when they lined up, maddie stood a little timid and gracie reached over and grabbed her and squealed.  everything was going well until the teacher popped her head out and whispered that maddie had a little accident.  i felt awful!  i knew i should have taken her in to go to the bathroom before class!  i got everything cleaned up and sanitized, ran up to their store and bought a new leotard, got her changed and sent her back into class.  i was worried she would feel embarrassed or not want to go in, but her sweet teacher grabbed her hand and she was off!  it was smooth sailing from there on out.  my most favorite thing was watching gracie cheer maddie on, especially when she said, "moo!  i knew you could do it!"

there is something so rewarding watching the girls together.  knowing that they're building a relationship that will last for the rest of their lives is one of the very best parts of my life.  the girls have a tradition of asking the other one to chant for them while they're doing something tricky.  gracie has been working hard to learn to buckle herself up in her new booster carseat.  without fail, anytime she gets stuck she turns to maddie and says, "it's a little tricky, can you chant for me?" and maddie immediately cheers, "you can do it, you can do it!" over and over until gracie gets it.  gracie was maddie's #1 cheerleader as she potty trained, standing right next to the toilet belting out, "maddie! maddie! maddie!" (i'm sure our neighbors wonder what in the world we're constantly yelling about) and finishing it off with a celebratory "hooray!".  i can't help but think that the optimism and support they get from each other is what has helped them to overcome some of the obstacles in their little toddler life (buckling seat belts, going potty, finishing every last piece of broccoli, holding their breath under water- these are pretty daunting tasks:).  i know from experience, it's hard not to smile and feel a little confidence boost whenever i get a cheer from them (mine is usually something like, "mommy can do it!" matthew's is the best- "#1 daddy bear! #1 daddy bear").  it will forever be one of the very best stories and memories of their childhood.  and while the loud hoorays and chants may not be quite as vocal, i can't wait to watch them cheer each other on for the rest of their lives:)

ps...i got the girls leotards and tutus at the glass slipper here in american fork.  you can find some of their bloch items here and the mirella items here. 

| maddie asks at least once a day to have her nails painted.  she diligently sits with her hands on the ledge of my bath and watches as i paint each nail.  gracie on the other hand wiggles and squirms and demands i dry her nails with the blow dryer because she cannot sit still for one more minute. |


  1. Such a sweet memory! My name is also Gracie, and I've got a baby sister named Maddie as well! It's so fun to read your stories and think about my own relationship with my sisters (although, we're much older!). How awesome that your two girls are already caring for each other! Such a great testament to you as a mom! :)

  2. I love this! They are so sweet and blessed to have each other. I'm so happy you share sweet stories like this. I hope Scarlett will have a brother or sister one day to chant for. ;)

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