Wednesday, January 15, 2014

date night wednesday...

sometimes we just take what we can get.  we make the most of it, even when that means driving through chick-fil-a and letting the girls watch a movie in the backseat while we chat and share french fries.  our only distraction is the stream of chatter from the girls and the occasional request for a napkin/extra sauce/drink/etc.  this week that summed up our date night.  we picked matthew up from school drove up to our favorite park with the best view at sunset.  the girls unbuckled and played with the sunroof and for a few minutes matthew and i just sat there quiet to unwind.  it was a long day for me, and an even longer day for him.  but despite the usual commotion with the girls it felt good to take a few minutes and have our sort-of date night.  

we're at the point where we are attempting to plan out the next few years of our life.  so far, we've kind of just flown by the seat of our pants.  we've hopped from place to place for matthew's work, made fast (sometimes tough) adjustments when life called for it, closed our eyes and hoped for the best.  with neither of the girls being planned, we've never had to sit down and discuss a timeline or timeframe for babies and family and whatnot.  the last few years we've imagined different places and what life would be like with the girls- but it's always felt like dreaming and real life was a long ways away.  lately it seems we're getting into real life (is that bad that we feel that way?) we've been figuring out where we'll be next summer for matthew's internships and possible locations for his job in a couple years (it's weird to think he'll actually be 100% done with school!) and all the details.  it's one part overwhelming, one part exciting and a lot of parts feeling very grown up.  it hit me in one of these conversations how important it is to keep our family life stable, if not just for the girls, but for matthew and i too.  there is something supremely comforting about being altogether and knowing at the end of the day we can all at least sit in the car and eat nuggets and fries:)

on a clothes note...this is the outfit i wore all day.  i'll usually switch part of my outfit to dress it up a bit before heading out on a date.  i ran into my closet to grab a pair of booties or leopard flats or anything other than my converse...but then i changed my mind and ran back out to the car.  some nights it's all about comfort and casual, and it helps knowing matthew doesn't mind my sneakers.  i cut bangs last week and have been majorly struggling styling them, so it's been a non-stop hat week for me (i even asked matthew if he'd still sit by me if i wore a baseball hat to church...he said no.) and the beanie worked great.  my mom left this scarf in utah for when she visits in the winter and i took that to mean she doesn't mind if i occasionally snag it.  it is the warmest knit and doubles as a blanket for the girls.

chambray popover | leather pants (similar here + here) | converse | beanie | sunglasses | purse | scarf (similar here + here for under $60) | 


  1. This look is great, girl! Good luck as you and your hubby try to figure out the next step! How awesome that you can have confidence in faith and family to help push you forward in the right direction! :)