Friday, January 10, 2014

all the grandbabies...

with my whole family overlapping their time in california and the nasty flu and cold that hit the house by storm, we never got around to taking family pictures.  the day before we packed up and left we buckled down and decided to just take them ourselves.  my parents are in the midst of remodeling their home and recently finished up in their bedroom.  their new bed in incredible and since it's easier to keep kids contained within the space of a king size mattress rather than a park, it made the location deciding pretty easy.  my sisters and i rummaged through suitcases, yelled from room to room and passed clothes around from kid to kid until everything came together.  i consider myself, by every definition, a very amateur photographer.  i have definitely fallen in love with it as a hobby and enjoy snapping pictures of our everyday life, but have taken pictures of little beyond that.

picture taking with 9 kids, 2 grandparents and 2 naughty dogs that wanted to join in is quite the loud ordeal!  matthew kept the kids amused by jumping, and the babies were bribed with suckers.  aside from a couple hiccups, the whole bunch was happy and easy to please.  naturally, the dogs ventured in and hopped on the bed to join the chaos.  trixie (my parents beloved dog, who was actually my 17th birthday present.  she ended up hating me…intensely.  my parents were kind enough to adopt her in, although i still think they bribed my sweet puppy to want nothing to do with me!) wanted to sit in my mom's lap protected from the grandkids and lucy wanted in on the action.  the outtakes are almost as fun as the real pictures!

i'm so happy the girls have pictures with their cousins to hang in their room.  trips to california, as well as get togethers here in utah have created strong bonds between the 9 of them.  it's so fun to watch them grow up together and see their differing personalities emerge.  some are high strung, some are kick back and some are wild and encourage naughty behavior (never one of our girls:) but they all come together to make a perfect group of buddies.  for maddie, the real gem in the picture of her and poppa.  she thinks he is pretty amazing (and may have gotten a little jealous when he held the other kids!).  these pictures will forever be a cherished keepsake for our girls.  i consider myself, by every definition, a very amateur photographer, but i'm happy with the outcome.  they're a true reflection of the atmosphere my parents have always created in their home- there is always a lot of laughing, a lot of joy, and it's never without its chaos.  each grandbaby (as my mom calls them) is made to feel celebrated and loved for their unique personality.  some of the girls favorite memories already are with my parents, and i'm so grateful for all the time they spend cultivating the relationship they have with them.

we're gearing up for a big family disney cruise the end of april…all 19 of us on one boat should be quite the party!

i posted a pic on instagram and i had a few questions about my parents bed.  their bed was custom made, but there is a similar one can find the bedding here.

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  1. These are the cutest pictures!! Such a beautiful family :)