Tuesday, December 31, 2013

tuesday thoughts…new year's eve edition

it's a little last minute, but i didn't want to pass up a nye post, and when better than nye?!  we'll be celebrating tonight with all my family, including 9 kids who are hopefully fast asleep by midnight.  we usually do a mock midnight celebration around 8pm that includes lots of sparkling cider, poppers and more toasts than you could imagine.  the girls loved it last year, especially maddie, who guzzled the sparkling cider every chance she got.  here's a round up of a few great last minute ideas for decorating, wearing and sipping.

i'm not sure i want to live in a world where it's not okay to wear sequins + faux fur on new year's eve.  in my book it's the only way to go.  i've been eyeing this topshop faux fur coat for some time now (i can just see matthew's reaction to it:)  these wayf sequin pants are a perfect dressed down look.  i love it with a graphic tee and booties or heels…but let's be honest, if i'm not out and about at midnight, you can bet i'll be in a comfy pair of pants.  my mom got whitney and i these go make noise floral sweatpants for christmas, and we have both worn them a ton.  for the girls, peek kids silver + gold skirts (both on sale for $23…i love these skirts dressed up with tights and a blouse or paired with a tee and leggings for school), because if they can find a reason to wear a skirt or dress, they'll take it.  

it's not new year's without a little decorating.  i think these party hats would make a simple craft and be fun for both kids and adults (i imagine gracie + maddie's hats would be completely decked out in glitter and sparkle).  these metallic tassels are a great addition to any party.  i'm hoping to make a few strands of them to hang with the winter decorations that will replace our christmas decorations because i'm not ready for a bare house.  and lastly, these sparkly drink stirrers cannot be missing from our glasses.  martha stewart never leads us astray.

and don't forget, the men's half yearly sale is going on right now.  it's always one of the best sales of the year.  when matthew was going through interviews for accounting internships we bought him a great suit, for more than 50% off.  matthew is notorious for being the pickiest jean shopper in history (he once went an entire winter wearing strictly basketball shorts) but found a pair of hudson jeans he lives in.  they can't be too thick, too tight, too loose and just the right color.  the sales guy and i almost embraced when he found the perfect pair.  i like their active wear section too.  matthew is in the midst of training for the boston marathon and is outdoors running 6 days a week and can always use an extra layer or two to keep warm!

i hope you all have a safe and happy new year's eve.  check back tomorrow for a fun family new year's resolution printable!

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