Wednesday, December 4, 2013

tuesday thoughts...

growing up, my parents gave us a children's book picked out especially for each of us.  we've carried on the tradition and it's one of my favorite parts of christmas prep.  i'm eyeing the "sleep like a tiger" book about a little girl who is never tired when bedtime comes and the "map book", for adventurous little girls who love to travel.  and wrapped up with them, an owl for maddie (she is part fascinated, part terrified of them for some reason) and an alligator for gracie because every story she tells is centered around an alligator.

we bought a white christmas tree last year and i've loved it so far.  i searched around for large colored globe lights with a satin finish and couldn't find them anywhere…low and behold, target came through this year, and for only $8 a box!  i love how they look on the tree, and so do the girls.  they are camped out under the tree all day (with lucy, who has taken interest in pulling ornaments off the tree) with all the lights off in the house telling stories, singing songs and discussing what presents they'll be leaving under the tree for santa and the reindeers.  a bonus in our family, these lights are red, yellow, blue, green and PINK!  ps- the transparent (or clear colored glass) can be found here.

the snow never stopped today.  it is a total winter wonderland…meaning when we're home we're in comfy sweats.  a warm, cute sweatshirt is a winter staple, this bien fait sweatshirt for me, yay sweatshirt  for gracie and old navy shine sweatshirt (on sale for $10!) for maddie would be perfect!

i am usually up late working…it's when i get blog posts done, email and on occasion, do some laundry.  to help keep e awake and entertained, i've been watching chuck on netflix.  it's funny, lighthearted and i can tune out and still get the storyline.  and matthew has even stayed awake to watch an episode or two and he laughs harder than i do.

we'll be in california for new year's eve, and hopefully celebrating with the girls early on and then going out with all my sisters and their husbands after the kids are asleep.  i spotted this shimmer dress on madewell and fell in love.  add some black tights and a great pair of booties and you have a perfect new year's eve outfit!

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