Monday, December 2, 2013

monday, monday...

thanks to someone taking a little snooze from 5:45 to 10:30pm tonight, and waking up with bounds of energy, my scheduled post didn't quite get finished.  maddie is wide awake and wanting to hang out, and matthew isn't budging, so i'm next in line!

last week, the girls were keeping me entertained while i cleaned out the closet in our office.  they had been wearing glasses all day and were carrying their notepads around and writing notes and recipes and secret letters to each other.  wherever the girls are, lucy is sure to be around.  the 3 of them sat on the desk and shared all sorts of facts about life that only a 2 and 4 year old could think of.

we'll be up shortly for school and a full week ahead, hope you had a great weekend!

and a few from our late night party...

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  1. SO sweet! They are both so darling. What a blessing to have two cute girls "help" you clean! :)