Monday, December 30, 2013

family pictures 2013

we decided a few days before leaving for california that we should do family pictures.  between packing for two weeks, christmas parties, school parties and finals for matthew, life could not have been more chaotic.  i kept wanting to push them off until january, or the spring, or next summer…anytime but in the middle of one of the craziest weeks of the year, but the second i opened up the email from lindsey, i was so grateful we hadn't.  

i get quite a few emails about planning out outfits and plans for family pictures and am planning a post about it.  coordinating a shoot is one of my most favorite things to do, this topped them all.  i found a vintage looking sled at cabela's that helped bring the idea to life, boxes and boxes of wrapped presents (they were actually empty…because of course i had yet to purchase a single present!:) a wreath and lots of red ribbon.  throw in our puppy and we had plenty of fun things to add in to pictures.  we were so lucky to have fresh snow and decently warm weather.  the girls had feet and hand warmers that worked so, so well and they took a couple breaks in the warm car where they snuck our stash of emergency smarties.  

lindsey is the kind of photographer who can do it all.  i called her with two days notice and she jumped on board.  she scouted locations, helped with prop planning and showed up ready to shoot.  i felt not a single ounce of stress from her helping all of us to relax.  she interacted with the girls, helped wrangle lucy and laughed as we all sunk into the snow with every step we took.  she's the kind of girl you could chat with for hours and never seems to mind when i ask her endless questions about photography.  i will forever be thankful to her for our pictures!

gracie's coat | plaid dress | hunter boots | earmuffs | leggings | gloves |

maddie's coat | polka dot shirt (on sale) | skirt | hunter boots | hat | gloves |

my coat (60% off with code shophappy) | turtleneck | boots | pants | scarf | mittens | lipstick + lipgloss |

matthew's plaid button up | sweater | denim | boots |


  1. These photos are so precious! You have a beautiful family and I hope you had the BEST holiday.

    Chelsea & The City

  2. Love these pictures!

  3. these images are perfection! you did a great job styling your darlings!! hope you're enjoying the holiday!

  4. Wow.....these images are just STUNNING !!! I just loooove winter images :)

    Stumbled in here from pinterest :-)

    All the best from Iceland