Monday, December 9, 2013

a lesson learned...

i am getting a late start today!  we had one of those weekends that was jam packed from all angles.  it left me frustrated and grumpy all saturday as i struggled to check things off my to do list.  matthew is knee deep in finals and holed himself up in our office.  gracie had dress rehearsals for her dance recital next week and i had church lessons to plan.  we are starting construction on our basement this week and had to dejunk all our storage and get it packed away in our garage.  i'm working on a project with studio 5 for this week (i'm so excited for it!) and had a mountain of laundry to fold.  the house needed to be cleaned, christmas presents bought, and i still haven't done anything about christmas cards.    on top of ulcers that are flaring up and sleep that never comes, saturday morning came and i had had it.  i yelled, got frustrated and got to work (and maybe yelled a little bit more).  i finished the laundry, reorganized closets, cleaned the house, worked on projects, got gracie ready for rehearsal, planned lessons, fed girls, encouraged matthew, cleaned the basement and did it all with a chip on my shoulder. as the girls said last night, i was like "a  dark storm."  as i went to bed in my clean house, with no laundry on the floor, and my to do list checked off, i felt little accomplishment and more frustration with myself.  i had missed out on opportunities with the girls to build a quick snowman, or make hot cocoa before bed.  i was so consumed with finishing tasks that i missed out on all the important moments.  i woke up this morning to little girls snuggled in my bed.  gracie wanted to hold hands and maddie couldn't find her stuffed bunny, rosie, among all the extra blankets and pillows and stuffed animals the girls drag in in the middle of the night.  in a blink i saw my full nights rest vanish and i knew my day had started.  i took a deep breath and relished in the chaos.  in the midst of throwing breakfast out on the table and getting outfits out for the girls, matthew and i made eye contact and i'm hoping he saw my silent apology for saturday.  maddie demanded to wear real undies to school today (she is potty trained, but i'm always nervous about school!) and gracie couldn't find her favorite green sparkly socks that match nothing but she insists on wearing (she found them under her bed where she had put them so she would remember to wear them) and in the mean time, lucy was downstairs eating cocoa puffs that had been left on the table.  as girls were getting dressed, matthew stood in the bathroom with lucy as she threw up, while i explained for the 15th time why we can't leave food out on the table, especially cocoa puffs.  quick kisses were given, matthew fled to school, debates were had on how many hair bows one little girl can wear to school (7 is not appropriate), rosie was snuck into maddie's school bag (she thinks i don't know she takes her everyday) and we were in the car.  i'm home alone now (with poor lucy) and the quiet seems eerie, like i should be preparing for a storm.  and while i didn't finish everything i needed to, i feel so much more content this morning than i did on saturday.  i guess the chaos and craziness just suits us!  i'm only sad i didn't take a picture of all the laundry i folded, because it was kind of impressive:)

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  1. Oh, girlfriend— I TOTALLY understand this!

  2. I'm with ya, girl! Life is frustrating and crazy, but moments of reflection just before you fall asleep always seem to put everything in perspective! And after all that laundry folding, you definitely deserve at leave 7 extra marshmallows in your cup of hot chocolate.... ;)

  3. I had that similar of a day this weekend! I always have to remember that I need breaks too. So I went grocery shopping by myself last night. It was crazy how quick I can shop with my little one not with me. Thank God for my husband who worked all day in the cold and didn't even flinch when I said I wanted to go. :) your posts always make me smile! Thanks!

  4. I feel your pain! I too need a weekend to recover from my weekend. We de-junked and packed this weekend. It is the absolute worst. Hopefully you find some down time later this week. :)

  5. i know i don't know you, but you seem like an incredible mom! you seem fun and happy and so do your kids - and truly, they're a reflection of you, no? we ALL have frustrating, bad, annoying days. but they were still there to climb into your bed the next morning :)