Tuesday, November 12, 2013

tuesday thoughts...

someone decided to chew a hole on the armrest of our couch today…an unfixable hole.  needless to say, lucy went to timeout and i started browsing for a new couch.  while a modern, trendy couch would be great, i'm being realistic about our needs.  our current couch is from ikea, and definitely not the most comfortable, making comfort number one on our list.  next is a couch that is completely slipcovered, because i'm tired of taking chances.  and that about rounds out my list.  i love this pottery barn sectional.  and i'm kind of thinking either this chair or this chair would look kind of great with it, and they're both under $400, making it even better!

let's be honest, i'm not known for my stellar cooking.  with thanksgiving coming up, i'm likely to be assigned to bringing drinks.  while i'd prefer to stay clear of the kitchen, i don't mind setting the table.  i'm thinking this chalkboard table runner would be a great start.  and one of these aprons might come in handy with all the messy table setting and pretending to cook that will be going on.  and if i'm wearing an apron, you can bet the girls will insist on it too- kids aprons can be found here.

hearing about a young mother with cancer is always heart wrenching.  kuu, a mother to 5, is battling a rare and advanced stage of liver cancer.  kuu is determined to fight this with strength, peace and love.  her community is coming together to support her with a run in her honor.  for those who are local, the run is saturday, november 30th at 9am.  you can register and read more about it here.  we'll definitely be there!  you can also check out #kuuscourage to see the entire army out to support kuu!

last week, i tried out mend juicery  a new juicing company about to launch here in the provo area.  i used it as a jump start to my diet coke detox.  i drank two juices a day for three days.  at the end of my three days, i could not believe the difference!  my favorite with the booster, pineapple, orange, lemon and a kick of ginger.  my favorite green juice is the green lemonade, a mix of kale, cucumber, spinach, celery, apple and lemon.  i felt so energized and thought it really helped with the caffeine cravings.  mend juicer is launching december 2nd, you can sign up for updates and news here.

and last, but not least, if you follow me on instagram, you saw this pic…but i couldn't help but share it here.  the girls cute headbands are from notes and knots.  we love their darling headbands...check out the floral fiesta and the sassy stripes in mustard- so darling!  the girls sunglasses are from bonlook, i can't help but giggle every time i see them wearing them! (the girls shirts can be found here + here)

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  1. bahahaha the first sentence made me laugh so hard!!! Thank you for sharing :)