Tuesday, November 19, 2013

tuesday thoughts with nordstrom and david donahue...

i am so excited to be bringing you a men's gift guide with nordstrom today!  it can be stressful to shop for matthew, but i've gathered up a few items that may be great options!  

FOR WORK// with law school in full swing, work is most prominent in matthew's life right now.  between presentations at school, interviews for internships and various gatherings and functions, it seems like i'm constantly running to the dry cleaners (or madly calling him on his way home to remind him to pick it up before they close).  appearance is something they hammer into the students, they even brought someone in to speak on appropriate business attire.  i was feeling a little stressed, until i found the david donahue line at nordstrom.  

1/2/3/4/5/ the david donahue shirts come in slim fit (a must for matthew) giving him a modern, yet professional finish.  their patterns are simple and look great under a suit or paired alone with slacks.  

6/7/8/13/ i'm also a fan of david donahue's ties.  while matthew was going through his masters program and interviews with big accounting firms, they emphasized the importance of quality ties.  i had never thought about what a big difference a tie can make, but i've been taking notice ever since.  ties made with pure silk tie beautifully and hang nice.  and while i'm not sure matthew will ever agree to a bow tie, i do like the plaid one!  

9/10/11/12/ the accessories that go along with a suit are some of my favorite accessories to pick out.  i'm eyeing these 'scale of justice' cuff links for matthew (although these are pretty great and look just like lucy!) or this tie clip.  we had plans of buying matthew a watch for graduation last spring, but with finals and leaving the day after graduation for work, we never made it in to pick one out.  i'm loving this shinola watch and can see it dressed up or down.  it's a classic look that he'll be able to keep forever.  and last, but not least for work, some patterned socks.  i've been noticing pops of colors and prints everywhere, it's a fun way to add a bit of personality to a dressed up look.

FOR PLAY// i'll be honest, shopping for play is a little more exciting, but harder to talk matthew into.  

14/ matthew carries a backpack to school, but also anytime he travels and also to the gym.  this herschel backpack is modern and simple and masculine, even when it's holding the girl's little treasures.  i could definitely see him carrying this around!

15/ matthew is always listening to music, this portable speaker would be so fun to have around the house.  however, i imagine the girls would take it over and we'd be blasting songs from annie in no time.

16/ these may be my first purchase for christmas- this pair of ray-bans are amazing!  he has had some issues with his eyes and his doctors are always stressing the importance of protection from the sun…functional and stylish! 

17/ i can't keep a case on matthew's phone, leaving me cringing every time i see it fall to the ground.  i'm pretty sure i could talk him into this case.

18/ i love this jack spade wallet!  the blue color is right on trend and it's slim enough to hold just what he needs.

19/ matthew's passion right now is running.  he is training for the boston marathon and plans to run quite a few races in between now and april to get him time down.  he'll only run in these saucony's and swears by them.

20/ i've been loving seeing matthew in a hat lately.  it's a laid back look, perfect with jeans and a tee or sweatshirt.  this hat will add a pop of pattern to any outfit.

21/ matthew goes running 6 days a week.  he schedules his runs whenever he can, leaving him occasionally taking a shower at the gym or at school.  his current cosmetic bag is on it's last leg, i think this one would be a great replacement!

*this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.  thank you!

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