Thursday, November 28, 2013


what a thanksgiving!  i'm the only one left awake in our house.  the girls were both sound asleep before we made it home and it took matthew literally 2 minutes to start snoring next to me in bed.  we had thanksgiving dinner up at matthew's mom's house with his immediate family.  there were 15 adults and 11 kids- it's loud and crazy and always so much fun!  and on a side note, matthew's team did win the annual thanksgiving basketball game.  it was discussed at least 6 different times:)

i've been thinking about this post for the last week and how to convey my gratitude…it's just one of those things that can be felt so strongly and words don't do it justice.  i had a moment yesterday where i was filled with a calming peace...and if you know me, you know i'm generally not the most calm person:)  we were all in our family room playing with lucy.  the girls were singing songs to us, maddie was bouncing from my lap to matthew's, gracie was telling story after story with her one of a kind hand gestures.  matthew was teasing the girls and winding them up before bedtime and i was constantly having to tell someone to stop jumping from the couch to the chairs.  in the midst of all this wild, i felt at peace, and at a loss for another word, i felt completely content.  i got to thinking about it, and i think of everything in our lives to be grateful for, i'm most thankful for that feeling.  i know there are a million ways for me to improve and do better.  do more for friends and family, be more patient, kinder and focused.  i have a long way to go in so many areas, but there is a little spot in my heart that feels so at peace, so at home, very accepted and very loved.  i know that if nothing else, i will be able to find that joy in my family forever- they are the best part of it all.  i know, without a doubt, that matthew is responsible for setting the tone in our family.  he is gentle and unwaveringly committed to us.  and those girls couldn't adore him more.  he is an example of patience every day and works harder than anyone i know.  there were a lot of uncertainties in our life the past year, and we've worked hard to get to where we are now. i can't imagine taking on any of it without matthew…and it's a bonus that he's pretty fun to be around.  nothing has been as gratifying as watching the girls as their relationship grows stronger.  they have become faithful friends and each others best ally, and if anything, i hope that we can continue to foster that relationship.  it will always be my favorite thing to watch, and the most entertaining part of my life.

as i prepare to take down our thankful garland and pack it away until next year, i feel blessed in so many ways.  for families who love and support us, friends, church, health and each other- i couldn't ask for anything more!  this year has been a growing year for me, especially as i look back over our blog.  i'm thankful for those who have come to read and feel grateful for a spot to share myself with.

i had some questions on instagram about our outfits- the girls skirts are from wunway and can be found here + here.  a similar version of my sweater can be found here + here.  my skirt is from from dear lizzie's, a boutique in utah.  my skirt in olive can be found here, as well as similar here for $39, and here), my gold heels and necklace.


  1. Oh I love stylish and lovely family!


  2. So pretty! It looks like so much fun having girls! I have three boys which are a blast but there's no dressing up going on :) Just fishing and sports!