Sunday, November 3, 2013

halloween fairies...

it feels like halloween lasted two full weeks this year.  it started with the school carnival and continued on with several events that required a costume.  class parties, dance, gymnastics, church parties and finally halloween night- we definitely felt the halloween spirit!  the girls picked their costumes several weeks ago- a parrot for gracie and a fly for maddie.  they ended up only wearing those costumes to school, because really, being a fairy was, according to gracie, "wonderful, and so amazing!"  

halloween morning came and the decision was made, they wouldn't just be fairies, but garden fairies.  on our way home from gymnastics i pulled over at a dance studio and found retired dance costumes on sale.  it was a miracle to find both their sizes, along with one for the girls buddy capri.  they squealed and jumped and promised they were never going to take them off.  halloween is the ultimate holiday for little girls with imaginations.  it has sparked gracie's interest in what she is going to be when she grows up.  in a very specific order she plans to be 1. a real fairy, 2. a real mermaid who can turn into a human so she can come see us, 3. an astronaut 4. a veterinarian and lastly, 5. as smart as matthew.  

both the girls really got into trick or treating this all 8 houses we hit.  gone are the days of being timid or shy, gracie marched right up with the little girls in tow and proudly exclaimed "trick or treat!" each little piece of candy was a total success.  surprisingly, they haven't asked where it all went, matthew has a secret stash of treats hidden really well...i would know, i've even looked for it!

we haven't gotten out of the halloween spirit quite yet.  every time i turned around this weekend the girls were in some sort of costume.  planning for next year's costumes have already begun, and we're promising the girls we'll dress up next year with them.

our celebratory weekend continued on to saturday.  the girls spent their morning helping out with a project for the new children's book, "fairy birds" and finished the day at the cutest 3rd birthday party.  their friend, evie, had a baseball themed party complete with byu baseball players who came to coach the kids and sign baseballs.  

| the girls would run for the door to greet trick or treaters |
| sneaking candy |


  1. Beautiful family, wow. I love those flower crowns! Would be perfect for flower girls, did you get them online? Thanks so much!

  2. You have such a beautiful family and I love all the photos :)