Monday, November 4, 2013

black and white for the weekend...

welcome november!  we're seeing the holidays right around the corner...and unfortunately the long winter as well.  as a california girl, i will never fully adjust to the winter and find myself dreading it as soon as fall hits.  every year i'm never sure how we'll ever get through as our outdoor refuge dips below freezing.  until then, we'll be soaking up every last cool fall night and calling grammie and poppa to see if they're accepting visitors.  

we were up bright and early sunday morning thanks to the end of daylight saving, but somehow bedtime didn't come as early.  we had several rounds of bedtime snacks, stories and playtime with lucy. we've been working on making a thankful garland for our kitchen.  every night we each write down something specific we're grateful for.  it's a good lesson for the girls, and equally as entertaining for matthew and i.  it's rarely held to just one answer.  gracie and maddie try to outdo one another and before you know it we're ending with, "i'm thankful that i will catch a majestic unicorn tomorrow!" and "i'm thankful that my legs can help me run so fast, faster than gracie."  i'm praying by the end of the month we're a little more clear on the whole idea!

the girls are loving their zara boots- matthew and i crack up every time we see them coming down the stairs in them.  for as much as i love dressing the girls in color, sometimes simple black and white can't be beat.  i'm loving the windowpane print for this fall, and seeing it on mini clothes makes it ever better!    i just got my chunky sweater and i've worn it 2 or 3 times in the last week.  i've worn it with a collared shirt, a tee and over leggings.  i'm loving it paired with leather!

thanks so much for reading- have a great day!:)

my sweater | rag & bone tee (almost identical here, under $10!) | faux leather pants | boots (similar here, under $80) | sunglasses | necklace | bracelets here + here |

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