Monday, November 11, 2013

a whole lot of thankful...

sometimes i feel like thanksgiving gets squished somewhere in-between the halloween hangover and the holiday prep.  we may try to take some time the week of, the day of, or even as we sit down at the table for thanksgiving dinner to share what we're thankful for.  this year, i wanted to do something different.  i feel like our girls are at their most impressionable ages.  this is our time to instill family traditions and teach about those things that may get pushed to the wayside.  we decided to start a thankful garland- each night we each write down on a leaf something we're grateful for and attach it on to our garland.  i printed off 4x4 copies of some of our favorite instagram pictures (you may not have noticed, but we're a family who occasionally likes to snap a photo here or there:) from persnickety prints (i ordered the 4x4 instagram option with a small white borer around each picture in matte.  uploading was a piece of cake and all 140 pictures were available within a couple hours.  they do have a shipping option as well with great rates!).   our pictures are the perfect addition to everything we're thankful for.  

it's hard to pass it without getting a smile on my face.  it has helped us to find those little day to day happenings that we take for granted.  i stopped at gymnastics the other day to think about how blessed we are to have happy, healthy, active girls with bodies that are capable of so much.  i've thought about how grateful i am for those few minutes between getting girls in bed and matthew and i going to sleep where we talk and connect in calm, quiet moments.  gracie begins each night by saying she is thankful for family.  without hesitation, it's always her #1, and every night i still love to hear about it.  family is usually then followed by her gratitude of some tidbit, like that she is going to be a real mermaid someday, her love of lucy, a special friend at school, gallihan, her trusty horse, her books, that she can write all her letters, etc.  i feel like she is discovering all these little aspects of her life that she is so lucky to have, and that all these great things are not to be taken for granted.  maddie is quickly grasping the concept as well.  she started the month repeating gracie or her standard, "ice cream" and has evolved into finding things that she really does love- mostly right now it's anything to do with her grammie and poppa in californina and being able to facetime at least once a day with them (she has a lot to share). we're finding ourselves having a hard time limiting our answers to one per night and each share several, ranging from silly to serious, but always leaving us with a full heart.

i'm not sure what will happen on friday after thanksgiving.  i think i'll miss adding a leaf each night, and i'll be sad walking downstairs to an empty window.  i am hoping though, that the awareness it has brought into our lives sticks around and we take a moment each night to express some little piece of gratitude.  i'll be sharing some of my favorite things the girls have shared later this week.  

i purchased our supplies at pebbles in my pocket.  they had a pack of die cut leaves ready for me to take home.  you can find some of their kits here.  i used a banner, bakers twine and small clothespins- it couldn't have been easier! and lastly, you can find gracie's target sweater here, and maddie's zara sweater here.  


  1. Such a special and fun tradition to have-love this!

  2. Did you make the Thankful banner or purchase it? I love this idea and want to try it with my family. :)

  3. I love this idea of writing on leafs!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I am so doing this...I love it! Going to Pebbles in My Pocket today! I agree, we always try to talk about gratitude on or near Thanksgiving, but this sweet tradition really cultivates an attitude of gratitude:) Thanks for sharing this sweet tradition!