Friday, November 15, 2013

a little time out & studio 5...

this week has been filled with deadlines and overbooked schedules.  we've been running from one activity to the next, just keeping our head above water.  after another packed day, we pulled over on our way home and let the girls see the last of the fall leaves.  sometimes all it takes is a few minutes away from our to do lists to get refocused.  we ran and played and tossed the leaves in the air, and before we knew it the wind rushed in and the temperature dropped and we were all racing for the car. 

once the car was warmed up we weren't ready to venture inside to laundry and dishes in the sink, so we backed out of the garage and went to chick-fil-a for dinner.  our favorite thing to do is sit in the parking lot and eat.  for some reason, it feels like there are so many less distractions in the car and we focus of conversation.  gracie talked about ripping a paper that had a very special pancake recipe written on it.  right at the climax of her story she said, "oh my gosh, my heart was broken".  maddie's favorite comment right now is calling just about anything the "best in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD."  and no matter how many times i hear her calling lucy the best dog in the whole entire world, or gracie her best friend in the whole entire world, when she says, "you're the best mom in the whole entire world" it still makes me feel pretty great…even when we're eating fast food in the car at the end of a crazy week.  the moment was only made better when she followed it by saying, "that daddy bear, what are we going to do with him?!"  

we may have driven a few extra miles to assure that gracie had fallen asleep in the car.  it's amazing how much simpler bedtime is when 50% of the job is already complete...although it is nearly midnight and gracie just woke up and promptly snuggled herself in bed in between a working me and a snoring matthew.  she's pretty sure if she just whispers loudly into my ear she won't wake matthew up.  by her conversation, i'm predicting she does her deep thinking late at night as she just informed me that her eyebrows are little and mine are big and she thinks it's pretty interesting.  as a night owl i can only appreciate this and may even enjoy the company.  i'm just hoping matthew sleeps through it:)

yesterday i had a blast filming a segment for ksl's studio 5 with brooke walker.  the show will air today, friday, at 1pm on ksl.  if you're not local and you'd like to watch it, it will be posted sometime this afternoon on their website.  the show is taped, but they run through it all like it's going live.  i loved watching as everyone bustled around during commercial breaks and set up each segment.  i talked about a couple last minute thanksgiving project centered around gratitude.  i'll be sharing my other projects on my blog.  i can't tell you the difference i've felt in our home as we've taken a conscious effort to recognize all the little things that we are thankful for.  

gracie's sweater | leggings | leopard loafers |

maddie's darling tee, thanks to me oh my couture  | knit pants | leopard loafers |

my blazer | tee (love this one too) | denim | baseball hat | sunglasses | watch |

my darling neighbor, audra, just launched a new clothing line for girls, me oh my couture.  the girls went over for an afternoon of fun, dress up and lots of girl time.  one of our favorites, heather telford, snapped some pictures of the girls- they are too cute!  all her items are so sweet and unique- make sure you check out her skirts and graphic tees ($12!)


  1. Love everything about this post-especially the things the girls say!!!

  2. I loved this post, and love to hear the girl's mimic you in the way they talk...they might have heard their mother say something like 'what are we going to do with him?...' So darling. I love that you have a new partner in crime with your little night owl Can't wait to see your segment.

  3. Please do a "Day In The Life" post! I seriously am curious how you pack it all in!

  4. Such a cute idea having the instagram photos printed! Thanks for sharing! XOXOXO