Tuesday, November 26, 2013

a jumbled tuesday thoughts...

my sister, whitney, called from target in california today to tell me about these chairs.  they're exactly what i've been looking for at a fraction of the cost.

speaking of whitney, she came along with me last week to the small fry and sixth street design school holiday party with land of nod.  i posted a picture on my instagram and had some questions about these j. crew pants i was wearing.  they are on sale (plus another 25% off everything with code getgifting)! and super versatile.

and speaking of instagram, if you follow along, you know that the girls are absolutely certain that if they are on their best behavior from now until christmas that santa claus will bring them each a flying unicorn.  and not a toy flying unicorn, but a real live unicorn.  i'm fairly certain that flying unicorns are hard to come by, so i'm hoping that this unicorn wall mount will be a good substitute, because quite frankly, i'm running out of ideas!

thanksgiving is a day to dress up and celebrate, and while i really want to look good, there's always a little piece of me who wishes i could just lounge all day in my sweatpants.  i love this sweater with these trousers, but maybe i'll bring these along in my purse to change into post feast.

i'm searching for an impressive dish to bring with me to thanksgiving dinner…this is at the top of my list, i love anything with brussel sprouts!

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  1. That brussel sprout dish looks amazing! I love creative variations. My recipe tends to just be brussel sprouts with a lot of butter and garlic salt....so I'm definitely loving the cranberries and feta cheese combination!