Tuesday, October 8, 2013

tuesday's thoughts...

no. 1 olliblocks // i haven't left the girls very often, but when i do i like to leave them a little something to open up every night while i'm away.  it's anything from a note, a lunchable (gracie would prefer to stock our fridge with lunchables to breakfast, lunch and dinner) or a little treasure.  i cannot wait to give each of the girls a set of olliblocks.  they are so cute and i know the girls will be entertained for hours!  i'm having a hard time narrowing down which set to get them.  i love that i can download them and print them immediately and it only takes a little bit of effort to put together.  you really can't go wrong with anything from the caravan shoppe!

no. 2 peplum top // i ordered this in the red and am in love with it!  it's super versatile, i can't wait to wear it with skirts, denim and leather pants.  i'm thinking i need it in black too!

no. 3 booties // the wedding i'm going to this weekend is outside at a park.  i want to wear a shoe that gives me some height, but still allows me to walk on the grass.  i'm loving these wedge booties and the chunky heel on the gray bootie.  i think they may be a good option!

no. 4 mini boden // our mini boden catalog came this week and the girls sat and looked through it on the couch together.  it's pretty much the cutest stuff ever!

no. 5 lorde, royals // gracie picks up songs quickly.  i'm constantly having to censor the radio to make sure she won't be reciting something questionable for her preschool classmates.  gracie heard this song once or twice and loves to sing the chorus- especially the "you can call me queen bee" part.  maddie is always a few words behind but mimicking everything that gracie does.  i can't tell you how entertaining it is!

no. 6 sleep genius app // i watched an interview with the creator of this app and found myself shaking my head and talking back to the tv.  it's supposed to be better than white noise and it guides you through each stage in the sleep cycle.  it wakes you with a gentle alarm, but i'm hoping i can disable that:)  i am so excited to try this out (they have a baby version too!) and the best part is it's free!

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