Tuesday, October 22, 2013

tuesday thoughts...

1.  i got a bunch of questions about the boots i've worn in a few pictures on instagram.  they're dv by dolce vita and on sale at nordstrom here.  i can't get enough of them!

2.  if you follow me on instagram, you saw this picture yesterday.  by 4pm, maddie had had enough.  she sat at the table and said, "moo is having a very rough day."  after a little boy was mean to her at school (i still haven't gotten the entire story out of her) and losing her most very favorite domino (she pronounces it dom-eee-no) she was ready to call it a day.  this face is pretty much classic maddie.  she is dramatic and wildly expressive.  we worked hard to cheer her up and by the time matthew got home she was ready to celebrate his birthday.  after hearing all about maddie's struggle with a boy, he heard gracie's stories of her day that included a boy telling her he loves her.  matthew looked at me and said, "that is so lame."  we encouraged being buddies with boys and gave maddie some lessons on how to become friends with her little enemy.  so, stories from school on wednesday should be more than entertaining!

3.  free people is nailing it this fall.  it's making me want to find my inner boho chic...i'm loving these plaid pants, printed skinnies, this relaxed tee, peplum tee...oh and their dresses and shoes...pretty great !

4.  matthew had his first meeting today about summer internships...including a firm in london!  we are starting to look at a few different places that we can go- manhattan, los angeles, san francisco, washington dc and london are all on our list.  it'll be a long process- starting with finding a firm that practices the type of law matthew is interested in.  them meeting, setting up interviews, etc.  if he is able to find a firm in london, we would go in a heartbeat.  i keep thinking about all the museums, landmarks and culture the girls could soak in in 4 months...not to mention how close we'd be to paris!

5.  and lastly, i am in the midst of finishing the inferno by dan brown.  my sister-in-law just told me about the book, divergent, and raved about it.  i'm looking for a few more suggestions to fill my kindle with!


  1. Divergent is wonderful and the second book is good too. Allegiant is the third book in the series and should be out soon. Have you read the Hunger Games series? I'm in the middle of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and can't put it down.

  2. The picture of your daughter made my day yesterday! She is adorable :) If you moved to London that would be amazing! I haven't been yet but it looks gorgeous. You definitely would have to post tons of pictures

  3. Ha! Love #2! Can't tell you how much the stories about your children entertain me.

    I've been putting off reading Inferno, but only because I didn't really enjoy the last book in the Langdon series, but I will get to it eventually.

    Also, I'm really enjoying your Tuesday Thoughts posts, they've been some of my favorites in the last few weeks.