Tuesday, October 15, 2013

tuesday thoughts...

it's 12:30am and i'm laying in bed with gracie in a calm moment in between bouts of her throwing up.    matthew is in the bathroom slathering hand sanitizer all over himself.  i'm nervously awaiting moans from maddie.  it's safe to say my tuesday thoughts are in the general area of, "please don't let us all get sick".  we are in full blown halloween mode at our house, so we've already watched "spooky buddies" and now we're on to "vampire dog".  i'm grateful for netflix and their plethora of cheesy holiday movies, even if they are a little painful to watch- they're keeping her happy and occupied!

1.  we are in the midst of starting to finish the basement in our place.  our office and playroom are currently in the same room, we are anxious to get toys and wild play down to the basement.  we'll officially have a real office!  i'm planning a collage for one wall, and this quote will definitely be included!  (you can check out some of the inspiration for our office here)

2.  i love, love, love this table setting!  i think it'd be so pretty for thanksgiving with some pumpkins mixed in.  and despite my last experience with spray paint, i'm thinking about giving it another try!

3.  the shopbop friends and family sale starts today!  everything on their site is 25% off.  i'm not sure where to start...but their jackets are amazing!  it's a great time to invest in a purse, pair of sunglasses or great pair of boots for the winter.  check back tomorrow for some of my favorite picks!

4.  i'm a note writer.  i love writing matthew notes and tucking them in his books, leaving them taped to the bathroom mirror or in his car.  just something short and sweet and a little more exciting than a text or e-mail.  i am loving all these note cards and stationary and can't wait to see them scattered around our house!

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  1. That Churchill quote is fantastic! Think I'm going to have to find a spot for it myself.